A 1066 Sourcebook, Relating to the Norman Conquest of England and Its Impact Upon Scotland - EBOOK

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Year: (various) 2024
Publisher: Gould Genealogy ebooks

This contains three separate books detailing the invasion of England in  1066, the families which came to Britain with that invasion, and the families which settled further north in Scotland, but were of Anglo-Norman descent.
  1. 1066: Year of Destiny. By W. Reynolds McLeod. Originally published 1999. This is a history of the rivalry between Harald Hardrada of Norway, Duke William of Normandy, and King Harold Godwinson of England to take hold of the English throne. This general survey places events in perspective and explains what happened and why.
  2. The Roll of Battle Abbey. Annotated by John Bernard Burke. Originally published 1848. This is a study of the individuals who enjoyed a special relationship with Duke William and who shared in the victory with him and established families in high places in England.
  3. Anglo-Norman Families in Scotland, 1057-1200. By James Coutts. Revised edition, originally published 1999. An alphabetical account of the great Anglo-Norman families who settled in Scotland and who played such a major role in the subsequent development of the Scottish monarchy.

Scanned images of the whole of the original book, bookmarked for easy navigation. Pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed out if required.

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A 1066 Sourcebook, Relating to the Norman Conquest of England and Its Impact Upon Scotland - EBOOK

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