Writing and Publishing Gripping Family Histories

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 140 pages
Author: C. Baxter
Year: 2016
ISBN: 978098704662
Other: reading list, index
Publisher: Carol Baxter

'Fact-drive and tedious' is how the publishing world judges the genre of family history writing. Yet family histories don't need to be boring.

Carol Baxter has proven with her internationally-acclaimed popular histories that history can be 'as lively and readable as a crime novel'. She began the journey of showing genealogists how to transform dry facts into interesting narrative in 'Writing Interesting Family Histories'. She goes one step further in the long-awaited companion volumes 'Writing and Publishing Gripping Family Histories'.

Visualising facts, telling stories, creating tension, enveloping readers in sensory experiences, and using story boxes to add life to drier narratives are among the topics covered in this 'how to' publication. It also provides editorial tips, information about publishing options, and self-publishing guidelines.

There is no longer any reason- or excuse - for writing 'fact driven and tedious' family histories. This book shows you how to write gripping family histories.


Part 1. Writing
1. Prose timelines
2. The three-legged stool
3. Visualising facts
4. Telling a story
5. Point of view
6. Direction
7. Story development
8. Tension
9. Sensory writing
10. Sight
11. Sound
12. Smell
13. Taste
14. Touch
15. Emotionally feel
16. Character and personality
17. Story boxes
18. Editing tidbits

Part 2. Publishing
19. Publishing options
20. Self-publishing guide

Reading List

1 Review
  • The Final Step for the Family Historian

    Posted by Gary B on 28th Jul 2018

    I love Carol Baxter's help books. She has an easy to read style that gets her message clearly across to the reader. This book is the final step for the family history writer. Basically it is a how to get the stories out to an audience. I found this book a great guide and hope to start publishing my own stories soon.
    Gary B

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Writing and Publishing Gripping Family Histories

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