Tracing Your Family History With the Whole Family: A Family Research Adventure for All Ages

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 168 pages
Author: R. McConnell
Year: 2022
ISBN: 9781399013888
Other: b&w photos, appendixes, bibliog, index
Publisher: Pen and Sword

Numerous genealogy books assume that family history research is for adults, stereotyping family history as an older person's activity. However, this book is written with the belief that engaging in family history is a venture for ALL of your family, regardless of age, from the young right through to the elderly.

It has been said many, many times by most family historians that the younger generations are just not interested in family history. That is not exactly true. It is really more in the way it gets presented to them, and this book contains practical suggestions on how to involve youngsters to get them interested. 

Packed with practical examples, this book has material for families, educators and children. It leads from their research of the family’s of the past to depictions of the family’s current setting. It then leads children and adults into factual and creative portrayals of their present lives which can be handed on to future generations as informative elements of past and present family history.

1. A new perspective on family history?
2. Preparing for whole family involvement
3. Your family research gathering
4. Using your in-family sources
5. Free sources for your family research
6. Children as family historians
7. Agile-minded teens and agile-minded researchers
8. Home and school: family history and family history education
9. Creatively recording your own family history
10. Moving forward with your own family history
Appendix 1. Sources for tracing your ancestry
Appendix 2. An overview of one's family history adventure




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Tracing Your Family History With the Whole Family: A Family Research Adventure for All Ages

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