The Family Tree Historical Atlas of Germany

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 238 pages
Author: J. Beidler
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781440354649
Other: colour maps, glossary, index
Publisher: Family Tree Books

Delve into your German heritage! This carefully curated collection of beautifully historical maps of Germany will help you sort out the mess that is Germany history.

With these 100+ full-colour maps, you can view Germany border changes throughout the centuries, allowing you to find your German hometown, and records of your ancestors.

Inside you'll find:
 - Beautiful maps of German states from medieval times to the present, each selected specifically for the genealogist
 - Extensive histories of Germanic regions that will walk you through the country's long and complex past, from the Holy Roman Empire to the Berlin Wall
 - Detailed captions that put each map in context
 - Timelines of the events in each era of German history that affected boundary changes
 - A special village index that will help you pinpoint your ancestor's hometown

History Highlights
Part 1. The Era of German Tribes
Part 2. The Middle Ages
Part 3. From the Thirty Years War to Napoleon
Part 4. Nineteenth-Century Germany
Part 5. Regional and State Maps
Part 6. Twentieth-Century Germany
Part 7. Modern-Day Religious and Demographic Maps
Part 8. Other German-Speaking Lands
German Glossary
Map Sources
Village Index

2 Reviews
  • Historical Atlas of Germany

    Posted by Rodney Donelly on 26th Nov 2020

    A good quality book as far as production goes. However I found it somewhat difficult to compare maps of different eras as they did not always encompass the exact same area. Also I could not locate Feudingen, Westfalen, Prussia. Wanted to see if it was in Bavaria or associated with Bavaria at some time. Could not find it in index or on any maps. It appears in BDMs for Germany so must exist.

  • Worthwhile purchase

    Posted by Susie on 24th Oct 2019

    Beautifully presented with clear and detailed information that is easy to understand. A brief written record for each time frame, coloured maps clearly indicating the changes throughout time, a German glossary and village index as well as many other vital and beneficial inclusions have provided me with invaluable insights into the complex geographical and historical changes that have occurred throughout the centuries to Germany and the Germanic peoples. Defintiely an asset that will help me to understand and trace my German forebears. I highly recormmended it for anyone researching their German and Prussian background.

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The Family Tree Historical Atlas of Germany

MSRP: $99.95
You save $10.00
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