Sutherland and the Reay Country

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (440 pages)
Author: A. Gunn & J. Mackay
Year: (1897)
Publisher: ScotPress

Published in 1897, the full title of this work is "Sutherland and the Reay Country: History, Antiquities, Folklore, Topography, Regiments, Ecclesiastical Records, Poetry and Music, &c."
Edited by Adam Gunn and John Mackay, this is a history of the county of Sutherland, with introductory chapters which trace the history of the region down to 1800, and with a subsequent chapter on the home life and customs of the region.

The antiquities located within Sutherland, its folklore, topography, and language all are given extensive examination, followed by a history of the regiments and volunteers which represented Sutherland or carried its name. The poetry and music associated with the county are likewise included.

There is a chapter on Rob Donn, one of the most important figures in the later history of the county, as well as extended chapters on the religion of the region both before and after the Reformation. The entire work is concluded with biographical information on the most distinguished citizens of the day. The list of illustrations is extensive, as are the portraits of those living at the time of publication.

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Sutherland and the Reay Country

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