Sole, Solly, Soule, Sowle, Soulis

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Media: DATA CD - 2 CDs (1152 pages)
Author: G. Ridlon
Year: (1926)
Other: 2 vols
Publisher: ScotPress

The full titles of this two volume set of books (now on CD) is: "A Contribution to the History, Biography, and Genealogy of the Families Named Sole, Solly, Soule, Sowle, Soulis, with other forms of Spelling, from the 8th Century to the Present. With Notes on Collateral Families Both Foreign and American".

Compiled by G.T. Ridlon, Sr. Originally published 1926. 1152 pages, 2 volumes. This incredible family history is one of the most comprehensive, and indeed, authoritative works, not only on this family but indeed on any family in the area of Scottish history. It begins with a study of the origin of the family, and proceeds then to the heraldry of the Soules, the arms and seals of the Scottish Soulis, the arms of the Sollis in Kent, and then turns to the family in England, the Norman Soules in Scotland, their lands in Liddesdale, the Soulis family in Gloucestershire, and indeed throughout the British Isles. It continues with an account of the family in France, before turning to the Soules in North America. Much of two-volume work is concerned with the numerous branches of the family located throughout the United States. Overall, it is an amazing work, detailing the history and genealogy of the Soule family.

This CD consists of scans of the original book, which can be browsed, enlarged and printed if required. Please note: it is not searchable.

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Sole, Solly, Soule, Sowle, Soulis


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