Scholarly Scoundrel: Laurence Hynes Halloran

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 240 pages
Author: J. Worthington
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781925043198
Other: b&w & colour photos, family trees, appendixes, index
Publisher: Halstead Press

Laurence Halloran'’s scandalous life –shared with wives, mistresses and 21 children– is a stranger than fiction tour through the high society and low life of a bygone world. An Irish orphan, he navigated sprawling capital cities and rising colonies, preached in churches and wallowed in prisons, founded schools and impersonated clergymen, fought in the Battle of Trafalgar and was transported to Australia for forgery.

Sailor, scholar, educator, murderer, adulterer and bigamist he had burning ambition and a gift for self-destructive behaviour. His lasting legacy was the foundation of a Public Free Grammar School in the town of Sydney in 1826 which continues today.

Chronology of Events in the Life of the Halloran Family
Chapter 1: Laurence Hynes Halloran
- Christ’s Hospital School, London
- Service at Sea
- Murder of William Guy
- Marriage to Mary Boutcher
- Alphington Academy
- Depressive Times
- Other Sources of Income
- The First Insolvency
- Time to Move – The First of Many
- “The Power of Poetry and the Charms of Speech”
- The Emergence of the Reverend Dr Halloran, D.D.
- A Naval and Classical Academy at Little Scotland Yard
- From Harwich to Holland
- Bogus Credentials at Bath
Chapter 2: Early Evidence of the Halloran Family – Fact or Fiction
- Laurence Halloran – West Indies Planter
- Antiguan Hallorans – Probable Relatives
- ossible St Christopher or St Kitts Connections
- “Old Colonel Halloran” – A Canadian Connection
Chapter 3: The Hynes Family
- A Legacy in Ireland
- Eleanor/Elinor/Ellinor Hynes (c1735-1772)
- Death of Laurence Halloran Senior
- Catherine Hynes (1718-1787)
- Wicked William Gregory (c1717-1781)
- Who Was Their Son?
Chapter 4: At Sea – Battles of Trafalgar
- Family at Fareham
- Back on HMS Brittania
- Good and Bad Reviews
- Laurence Boutcher Halloran – Royal Marine
- A Playful Preparation for Battle
- Journal Jottings of the Battle of Trafalgar
- The Aftermath
Chapter 5: Cape of Good Hope - South Africa
- A Residence for Sale
- Mrs Anna Hammond
- Hot Headed Halloran
- Accusations and Court Actions
- A Matter of Self Defence
- Halloran’s Supporters
- Return to England
- The King v Laurence Hynes Halloran
- Lydia Returns to England
- Abandoned – Mrs Mary Halloran
Chapter 6: Fake and Forger
- Curate of Thorndon and Bedingfield
- Lecturing at Lechlade 1813-1815
- Duplicity before the Clergy of the Deanery of Dursley 1815
- Another Knave and Firebrand from Hell at Warbleton
- No Brotherly Love at Broseley
- Foolishly Forging a Frank
- Laurence’s Last Trip to London
Chapter 7: A Man of Notorious and Dangerous Character
- No Turkey Carpets in Newgate Prison
- Appearances can be Deceptive
- More Counterfeit Plates
- Saving Face and Losing Face
- Hurried off to the Hulks
- Why Should I Suffer in Silence?
- The “unfortunate woman” gives birth
Chapter 8: A Privileged Convict
- Aspiring Australian Poet
- Governor Macquarie, C.B., 1810-1821
- A Lamb Not Slaughtered
- Bigge’s Interference
- Dr Aleran’s Adultery
- An Indulgence Please
Chapter 9: The Most Learned Man in the Colony
- Convict, Class and Classical Education
- Dr Halloran’s Classical School
- Bigge has an Opinion
- Thomas Makdougall Brisbane, Governor of New South Wales
- An Outrage on My Son
- Meddling with Forgery
Chapter 10: Sydney Grammar School
- Proposal for a Public Free Grammar School 1825
- John Macarthur Lends His Support
- Imprisoned Again
- We May As Well Make a Show of It
- “One Hundred Youths”
Chapter 11: The Most Litigious and Malicious Man
- Hill Hits the Mark
- The Babe of Grace
- Wicked Words with Wardell
- “At the Sight of This Very Name, our Readers Sicken”
- The Gleaner
Chapter 12: The Final Years
- Bigamy at its Best
- Two Years at Birch Grove
- Coroner of Sydney
- A Post with the Australian Agricultural Company
- My Real Estate and Memorial Office
- Where are My Steps?
- No Escape from the Past
- Death of Laurence Hynes Halloran
- His Legacy
Appendix 1: The Children of Laurence Halloran and Eleanor Hynes
- Elizabeth Catharina Halloran (1760-1788)
- Mary Halloran (c1762-)
- Catharine Halloran (c1763-1841)
- The Beautiful Boswood Family
- Frances Halloran (c1764-)
- Laurence Hynes Halloran (1765-1831)
Appendix 2: The Family of Laurence and Mary Boutcher Halloran
- The Marriage of Laurence Hynes Halloran and Mary Boutcher
- Laurence Boutcher Halloran (1785-1835)
- Marriage to Harriette Jane Pearce
- Laurence Boutcher Halloran – Moored in Montevideo
- Mary Halloran (1786-post 1816)
- Theresa Halloran (1788-1857)
- Joseph Halloran (1789-1790)
- Joseph Gregory Halloran (1791-1791)
- Henry Alexander Halloran (1793-1794)
- “My Ever Dearest Polly”
- Betrayed - Mary Boutcher Halloran
Appendix 3: Long Suffering Lydia and her Children
- Her Mysterious Origins
- John Hall or the Inner Temple, London
- Laurence Henry Halloran (1802-1803)
- Laura Ann Halloran (c1804-1831)
- A Problem with her Servant
- Laurence Henry Halloran (c1807-1854)
- Charlotte Maria Halloran (1809-1811)
- Henry Halloran (1811-1893)
- The Children of Henry and Elizabeth Halloran
- The Children of Henry and Julia Halloran
- Arthur Edward Halloran (1813-1890)
- The Wanostrocht Family
- The Children of Arthur and Mary Halloran
- From Port Macquarie to Wide Bay
- Second Marriage to Arthur Edward Halloran
- The Death of Arthur Edward Halloran
- Eleanor Ann Halloran (1814-1880)
- Lydia Ann Halloran (1816-1839)
- William Charles G. Halloran (1817-1837)
- Catherine Halloran (1819-1852)
- Family Reunion in Sydney
- Frances Simeon Halloran (1822-1825)
- Death of Lydia Ann Halloran
Appendix 4: Elizabeth Forrester Turnbull and her Children
- The Turnbull Family
- Elizabeth Turnbull Marries Laurence Hynes Halloran
- Robert John Halloran (1825-1892)
- Elizabeth Frances Halloran (1827-1869)
- Lorenzo Hynes Halloran (1831-1907)
- Elizabeth Forrester Halloran Takes her Family to Bathurst
- What Happened to Elizabeth Forrester Halloran?
Appendix 5: Transcript of Sydney Grammar School Pamphlet
60 Images
4 Family Trees

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Scholarly Scoundrel: Laurence Hynes Halloran


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