Research Like A Pro with DNA: A Genealogist's Guide to Finding and Confirming Ancestors with DNA Evidence

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 348 pages
Author: D. Elder, N. Dyer & R. Wirthlin
Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781732188129
Other: b&w photos, tables, appendixes, glossary, index
Publisher: Family Locket Books

Would you like to use DNA evidence in your genealogy research? Do you have thousands of cousin matches, but no idea what to do next? Perhaps you have found some evidence to support your theories, but are not confident in your conclusions.

Learn a step-by-step method to organize and use your DNA test results to find and confirm ancestors in your family tree.

Diana Elder, Nicole Dyer, and Robin Wirthlin share the method they use in their professional research to incorporate DNA with documentary evidence. Study the methodology in each chapter, then apply it in your own research by completing the associated task. You will:
– group and evaluate your matches
– diagram descent from the common ancestor
– plan next research steps
– track correspondence and research in a log
– and write a report incorporating DNA evidence.

Work samples and templates are also included.

How to use this book
1. Take a DNA test
2. Assess your DNA matches and analyze your pedigree
3. Organize your DNA matches visually with diagrams and family trees
4. Create a research objective
5. Write source citations of DNA and documentary sources
6. Analyze your sources and evaluate your DNA matches
7. Locality research and ethnicity
8. DNA tools and methodology
9. Research planning with DNA
10. Research logs and writing as you go
11. Correlating findings and finishing the research report
12. What's next? Publishing, Productivity and Further Education
Appendix A. Supplemental Material
Appendix B. Source List
Appendix C. Work Samples
About the authors

1 Review
  • Research Like a Pro with DNA

    Posted by Diana Johnson on 20th Oct 2022

    Once you get through the necessary but technical explanation of DNA, this book really got me thinking. it provides very sound advice on recording and analysing your DNA results. When I’m ready to buy software tools there are detailed descriptions. I always experiment first with a spreadsheet before I buy. It makes me want to go and buy the earlier volume on genealogy research by the same authors.

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Research Like A Pro with DNA: A Genealogist's Guide to Finding and Confirming Ancestors with DNA Evidence

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