Queensland Education Gazette Compendium 1941-1945

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (744 pages)
Year: (1941-45) 2008
ISBN: 9781742220628
Publisher: Archive Digital Books Australasia

A unique source of information, this is a valuable resource that should not be overlooked. For anyone with either connections to the Education Department, or just an interest in its history this is a vast collection.

Containing all issues that were issued during the 1941-1945 period, each Education Gazette contains the names, teaching level and school of thousands of teachers throughout Queensland throughout each year.

Listing: Admissions, Admissions Cancelled, Transfers, Transfers Cancelled, Notifications of Vacancies, those that Left the Service, Schools Opened, Schools Closed, as well as Scholarships Granted. Sometimes there is a list of those who have had Grade Promotions together with their previous teaching level, as well as the new one. There are literally thousands of names of people mentioned in these Gazettes.

Gazettes are published by governments and their agencies as a means of communication to officials and the general public. As such they are useful, not only to monitor the actions of the government, but also as far as family historians are concerned, they are valuable primary source documents.

Also available as five separate CD-ROMs, this Compendium is a collection of the contents of all five put onto a single CD. Not only is it quicker (search more years, and less time changing CDs), it also saves you $$$.

Released on fully-searchable CD-ROM, using these valuable documents has never been easier. The CD contains high quality scanned images of the whole years worth of issues. This CD has been bookmarked for easy navigation, and pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed out if required.

Any computer using Adobe (Acrobat) Reader 4 or later
Adobe Reader 6 or later is recommended for CDs with searchable text

ALSO AVAILABLE (as individaul years) ON EBOOK:
Queensland Education Gazette

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Queensland Education Gazette Compendium 1941-1945

MSRP: $62.50
You save $33.00

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