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Year: (1934) 2023
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The city of Portland is the oldest European settlement in what is now the state of Victoria, Australia. The bay was named in 1800 by the British navigator James Grant, who sailed in the Lady Nelson along the Victorian coast. "I also distinguished the Bay by the name of Portland Bay, in honour of His Grace the Duke of Portland," wrote Grant.

In historical publications we often find the pioneering men mentioned, this publication is about the early pioneer women of the region. Published in 1934 to commemorate the Portland Bay's centenary, this book brings to life the life of these early pioneers, firstly with a few articles on various pioneers together with extended biographical details, secondly with a "Roll of Pioneer Women of the Portland Bay District", arranges alphabetically by married name, usually with maiden name, and sometime with a year and ship, or occupation. A number of portrait photographs are also included.

Some of those included are: Mrs Stephen George Henty; Mrs George Godwin Crouch; “Worthy Pioneers: Mrs Alexander Laurie”; a dozen or so names in a group chapter, including Sarah Jane Wadmore; Mrs Charlton Hedditch.

While not a large publication, this is certainly an important one in recording the early female pioneers in the district together with a history of the time.

High quality scanned images of the whole of the original book, bookmarked for easy navigation. Pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed out if required.

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1 Review
  • Unable to read this one

    Posted by Jane Lodge on 11th Nov 2022

    It's on a CD! None of my computers have CD drives...didn't they go out of fashion about the same time as Walkmans? Thumb drive next time please.

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Pioneer Women of the Portland Bay District - EBOOK

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