Nannine by the Lake: A Story of the First Town on the Murchison Goldfields

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 264 pages
Author: P. Heydon
Year: 1990
ISBN: 0859051374
Other: b&w photos, maps, index
Publisher: Hesperian Press

'Nannine by the Lake' is a story of the first township on the Murchison Goldfields, proclaimed by His Excellency, Alexander Campbell Onslow, Administrator of the Government in the Colony of Western Australia, and signed by George Shenton, Colonial Secretary, on Thursday, 24th September, 1891.

The story tells of the finding of gold, and the later controversy surrounding its discoverers. It sedcribes the little town in its early days, and the nearby settlements - small through they were, and tells of down to earth stories of the inhabitants.

A special feature of this book is the number of anecdotes told by men who were actually a part of 'the first rush', or who arrived shortly afterwards. The description by newspaper editors of their first trip to Nannine will live forever. The little town no longer exists, but the stories remain as a monument.

1. Melbourne to Nannine
2. Nannine
3. Controversy
4. First Registered Goldmine on the Murchison
5. Nannine 1896-1987
6. Gold Mining Centres
7. Nomenclature
8. Newspaper Stores 1895-1899
9. Seventh Census of Western Australia
10. Cue - Nannine Railway 1900-1903
11. 1904-1925
12. Demise of the Nannine Road Board
13. From Estonia to Nannine
14. Old Nannine
15. Wildlife
16. Aborigines
17. Dayshift Underground
18. Drink and Drinkers
19. Five Pounds Worth
20. The Cup and the Test at Quinns
21. Thirst, the Curse and Others
22. The Big Nugget of Nannine
23. Conclusion

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Nannine by the Lake: A Story of the First Town on the Murchison Goldfields

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