Maker and Breaker: 2/1 and 2/14 Field Company Engineer Officer 1939-1945

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 238 pages
Author: J. Grover
Year: 2008
ISBN: 9780980320435
Other: b&w photos, maps, glossary, indexes
Publisher: Australian Military History Publications

This book tells the the true story of John Grover, engineer, and his experiences of World War Two. Aged only 24 by the end of the war, John joined up in the Engineers when war broke out in 1939, and by October 1941, by then a lieutenant, he was in the Middle East.

There, he worked with 2/1 Field Company including the push north into Syria as the Australians fought the Vichy French. With the Pacific War underway much of the AIF was returned to defend Australia and Grover soon found himself in Papua.

His unit  was sent to the start of the Kokoda Trail, with the task of hacking a new track through the jungle. They had almost reached Nauro when the Japanese arrived first and the work was abandoned.

He later built roads and bridges around Buna and faced the force of nature often ruining bridges that had just been built. In charge of a platoon of 2/14 Field Company, next came Wau and Bulolo –– again building and repairing vital bridges.

The end of the war in the Pacific found Grover and his engineers supporting the fighting along the New Guinea north coast.

Illustrations and Maps
1. Convoy to war
2. Beginnings
3. Foreign shores
4. School of Military Engineering
5. Lebanon to Syria
6. Return to Australia
7. Adelaide to Moresby
8. Jungle road to Kokoda
9. Back to Moresby
10. Airborne to Popondetta
11. The greatest challenge
12. Time to rest
13. Wau road building
14. To Australia
15. Staff Officer
16. Cairns to Aitspe
17. Final campaign
18. End of our war
19. Glossary

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Maker and Breaker: 2/1 and 2/14 Field Company Engineer Officer 1939-1945

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