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It's Not All Online: A Guide to Genealogy Sources Offline

Publisher: Unlock the Past

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 68 pages
Author: S. Hicks
Year: 2011
ISBN: 9780980874693
Other: index
Publisher: Unlock the Past

What are you missing out on?

Most researchers these day use the internet extensively in their search for their ancestors but it is very important to remember that not everything is indexed, digitised and online. Even if we do find references to our families in online indexes, we should still check original records for additional details.

In many instances, the internet allows us to quickly draw up an outline of our family history, often going back many generations. however, it we want to know more about those people whose names are in that outline, we need to do more research.

This publication explores the various places that there may be additional and more detailed information on our ancestors. Libraries, archives, genealogical and family history societies, museums and local historical societies are just some of the places that can tell us more about who our ancestors really were. We can learn about where they lived, what clothes they wore, where they went to school, their church activities and where they worked. If they did military service, were active in sport or their local communities or perhaps they were sick, or had encounters with the law and order agencies - it is all there waiting to be discovered.

After reading this publication you will be inspired to research you ancestors in greater depth and will soon realise that It's Not All Online!

Written and published in Australia, the examples and addresses relate to places to find more Australian records.

Introduction: What Are You Missing Out On?
What is Online?
Archives (Government)
- National and State Archives
- Regional Government Archives
- Local Government Archives
Archives (Non-Government)
- Business Archives
- Church Archives
- School Archives
- Trade Union Archives
- University Archives
- Australian Women's Archive Project
Libraries (National, State and Local Government (Public) Libraries)
- School Histories
- Church Histories
- Local Histories
- Family Histories
- Family History and Social Media
Libraries (University and Specialist Libraries)
Genealogy and Family History Societies
Local History Societies
Heritage Centres
FamilySearch Family History Centres
- National, State and Local Museums
- Specialist Museums
National Trusts of Australia


Also available as eBook:
It's Not All Online: A Guide to Genealogy Sources Offline - ebook

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