In Her Own Name: A History of Women in South Australia from 1836

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 596 pages
Author: H. Jones
Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781843056981
Other: 3rd ed., b&w photos, bibliog, tables, index
Publisher: Wakefield Press

In Her Own Name tells the important history of changes from 1836 to the the end of the 20th century, documenting how South Australian women moved from subordination towards equality. The achievement of women's suffrage in 1894, after an intensive struggle, was central to their emancipation.

It is a political and legal history interwoven with personalities, issues and events. It gives a comprehensive view and perceptive analysis of women's changing status and role in a pioneering Australian state during its first 150 years ...


Part 1: The Nineteenth Century
1. Colonial Women Within and Outside Marriage
2. Colonial Women and Children
3. Women's Work: Traditional Patterns and Change
4. The Suffragists
5. Votes for Women
6. Women Voting: Celebration and Realization

Part 2: The Twentieth Century
7. Twentieth Century Women Within and Outside Marriage
8. The Twentieth Century Child: Women and Children
9. Women's Work to 1939: Traditonal Patterns Revised
10. Women and Politics to 1959: Towards Parliament
11. Women and Public Functions
12. Women's Work to the 1990s: Toward Equal Opportunity

Table 1: South Australian Parliamentary Measures for Women's Suffrage
Table 2: Women Candidates for the South Australian Parliament, by Election or Casual Vacancy
Table 3: Women Elected to the South Australian Parliament
Table 4: Women who haved served as Ministers in the South Austrzalian Government
Table 5: South Australian Women who haven been Candidates for Federal Parliament, by Elections or Casual Vacancy
Table 6: South Australian Women who have been Memers of Federal Parliament
Table 7: Women who have ben Presising Officers of the South Australian Government
Table 8: Women who have been Clerks of the South Australian Government 

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In Her Own Name: A History of Women in South Australia from 1836

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