Hannaford Set (Susannah Hannaford and her Family & Hannaford Family Tree)

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 104 pages + 112 pages
Author: R. Hannaford & A. Phillips
Year: 1988 & 1990
Other: 2 vols
Publisher: Gould Books

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Susannah Hannaford and her Family
Susannah Hannaford left her home in Devon in 1840 as a widow with four of her five sons and her daughter to establish a new life in South Australia. This book introduces the reader to the family's origins in Devon, the voyage out, early years in SA and the establishment of each of her children in various parts of the state.

Various members of the family have contributed to pioneering life, agriculture, politics, business, local government and in other areas in the Adelaide Hills (Gumeracha, Cudlee Creek, Mt Barker), the mid North (Riverton, Clare, Saddleworth and other towns) and the northern agricultural districts of the state, Qld, Western Victoria and Tasmania.The book includes chapters on each of Susannah's children, biographical information on most of her grandchildren and a complete record of descendants to the fourth generation. Several appendixes deal other themes of interest to the family. (Cornish, Sambell, Sanders, Stanger, Toms, Townsend).

Hannaford Family Tree: The Family Tree of William and Susannah Hannaford
This book is a companion to the above introductory history. 3543 descendants of William and Susannah Hannaford. Fully indexed and includes photos of early Hannafords and group photos of the 1988 reunion. (Ashton, Broadribb, Cleggett, Cooper, Cornish, Fahey, Goodes/Goods, Kelly, Linfield, Muller, Rowe, Sambell, Sanders, Schafer, Shearer, Stanger, Toms, Townsend, Work).

2 Reviews
  • Treasure chest

    Posted by Gillian on 28th Feb 2023

    This was a treasure chest of information, seems I'm related to Susannah Hannaford on my maternal side, very helpful information and easy to read

  • Forever Indebted to the Hannaford Family, Your family history, has found my Family History.

    Posted by Helen Gray on 21st May 2020

    In my search for my maternal great Grandmother, Elizabeth Eda/Ida Auguste (Muller) Bennett, whom we had believed, was born in Germany, 1854, coming to South Australia as an only child. I was unable to match Elizabeth to the parents, she appeared with.

    To my surprise when I accessed South Australia’s First Families, I came across Elizabeth Eda/Ida Auguste Mueller, being Born in Adelaide, and to the parents of Rudolph Theodor Edward Muller and Caroline Wilhelmine Auguste (Quasebarth) Muller, along with other children born in Adelaide and Lobethal, and one only born in Prussia prior to arriving in Adelaide in 1849.
    As first I had to weave my way through the large South Australia Mueller/Muller families who had arrived with the earlier 1838-42 Prussia Lutheran, Pastor Kavel’s group, as all their families christian names all were similar to the names of my Muller family.
    To confirm and support my the new found family, my search, first approached the Lutheran Archives in Adelaide for baptismal certificates for Elizabeth and John Bennett’s children.
    As well as the baptismal certificates I was amazed to find all the Rudolph and Auguste Muller’s children. I am very thankful to Auguste & Rudolph Muller, in the naming culture of their children, it made for ease, of identifying them as their children. Also their departure being from Brandenburg, Berlin, distinguish them from the earlier arrivals of the 3 Brother’s - Muller families.
    Then came the TROVE searching of all the sisters and brother of Elizabeth (Mueller) Bennett. This was when I came across the Hannaford family, as one of Elizabeth’s sisters, Hedwig Hulda Augusta (Muller) married Stephen Hannaford in 1882. With her death in 1902. And another marriage of Elizabeth's sister, Albertine Louise Gertrude Muller, also to Stephen Hannaford in 1903, with there mother being named in attendance.
    And the death of their mother, Auguste Muller whose death was at “The Hatchlands” Property in 1908.
    So how could I NOT BE, FOREVER INDEBTED to the Hannaford family.
    At the National Library of Australia(NLA), I was able to browsed the Hannaford Family’s two books, which bought to life my ancestors family.
    Note, that through TROVE and also the Weidenhofer Family History Books, (also, browsed at NLA), I was also about to add to my families, story, as another sister of Elizabeth, Hedwig, and Gertude, Pauline Marie (Muller) (1. McDonald John 1871); , 2. marriiage into their family, John Weidenhofer, 1881.
    My next obvious move was have a DNA test. This has confirmed this new Muller family as our legitimate ancestral familys.
    Also included with my purchase, i received another Family history “Introducing the Kelly Clein”. I have throughly enjoyed this Kelly families story, of their arrival into the same area as the Hannaford, and Muller families. The interwoven fabric of the Hannaford and Kelly families has given me gratitude of the familes who helped each other, in a time when all these families were starting from scratch, environmental creating the roads as they walked into the area we now see.
    Admiration can only, be bestowed on them, with no guidance as to how to intermingle with the existing original Land carers, the aboriginals. And as my focus has now been drawn to this time period, in South Australia, as opposed to my limited knowledge of NSW Aboriginals as land carers here, I realise I still have a lot of learning in front of me.

    My Great Grandmothers family in South Australian, is not the only connection with SA, as I have married into the Arthur Gray family, who left South Australia behind and settled in the Goulburn district NSW, Arthur Gray’s parents, Issac and Sarah Gray settled in Port Elliot, having arrived aboard “James Jardine” 29 June 1859, their family was from, Farnhams, Surrey, England. As we have been told, our Surname, really should be “Moore.
    Abel Moore B: 1774 D: 1859, had a cousin of his 1st wife, as housekeeper and child minder to his children, from his three previous marriages, which all wife ending up dying. Mary Gray also had his children, but they never married, so as the law of the land then, was the children had remained in the name of their mother “Gray”.
    So once this Covid-19 emergency has subsided our plan is to visit South Australia, Port Adelaide, Lobethal Port Elliot, and get to learn more about our forebears of SA.
    Alan, Thank you for your quick responce.

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Hannaford Set (Susannah Hannaford and her Family & Hannaford Family Tree)

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