Genealogy and Surnames, with Some Heraldic and Biographical Notes - EBOOK

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Author: W. Anderson
Year: (1865) 2024
Publisher: Gould Genealogy ebooks

Written by William Anderson in 1865, to this day, this is still an invaluable study of Scottish names and their origins, and as such it surveys an astonishingly broad array of names and how they came about.

In earlier days, of course, one was known locally by one's characteristics, but increasingly with urbanization, family names began to emerge and to be applied to all members of a family, regardless of personal characteristics, occupation, or abilities.

This study begins with the original significance of names and continues with chapters on personal names; names derived from striking peculiarities; names from color and complexion; from animals; from weapons and insignia of war; from trade, offices and occupations; genitive names and diminutives; surnames derived from trees, plants, waters and rivers; from countries, towns and lands; and then a final chapter on surnames from sources other than these. The whole book is an amazing compendium of names, their origins, and their meaning in Scotland.


CHAPTER I. Original Significance of Names
CHAPTER II. Personal or Distinctive Names
CHAPTER III. Names from Striking Peculiarities
CHAPTER IV. Names from Colour and Complexion
CHAPTER V. Surnames from Animals
CHAPTER VI. Surnames from Weapons and Insignia of War
CHAPTER VII. Surnames from Trades, Offices, and Occupations
CHAPTER VIII. Genitive Names and Diminutives
CHAPTER IX. Surnames from Trees, Plants, Waters, and Rivers
CHAPTER X. Surnames from Countries, Tovvns, and Lands
CHAPTER XI. Surnames from Countries, Towns, and Lands,—continued
CHAPTER XII. Miscellaneous Surnames
CHAPTER XIII. Change of Name
CHAPTER XIV. Nomenclature in Scotland
Index to Names and Persons

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Genealogy and Surnames, with Some Heraldic and Biographical Notes - EBOOK

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