Gallipoli to Tripoli: History of the 10th Light Horse Regiment AIF 1914-1919

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 648 pages
Author: N. Browning & I. Gill
Year: (2011) 2013
ISBN: 9780859055154
Other: b&w photos, maps, honour roll, appendixes
Publisher: Hesperian Press

The 10th Light Horse epitomises the dash and insouciance of the mounted Australian soldier in World War I. This book fills the need of the expanding families, relatives, and growing number of people interested in knowing the experiences of our men in battles of such significance that they literally changed the map of the world.

This all regimental history seeks to complement and add to Arthur Olden's earlier history, first published in 1921. The authors have sought to shed new light and information on the doings of the 10th Light Horse Regiment, from it's formation in Perth in October 1914 until the end of the Great War and Egyptian uprising.

The Gallipoli campaign saw the men's introduction to war, albeit without their horses, and where the Regiment sustained heavy casualties, especially in the actions at The Nek and Hill 60 in August 1915.

Following this campaign the men were reunited with their horses in Egypt, going on to serve in the Middle East in Sinai, Palestine and Syria, followed by the Egyptian Uprising in early 1919.

The narrative is divided across these two very distinct episodes in the Regiment's history, with each author covering in their own styles, the Gallipoli and Middle East campaigns.

There are hundreds of photos, both in the narrative and in the photo chapter in the back of the book. Numerous appendices allow for the book to become an important research tool when studying this fine West Australian regiment of light horse. It is hoped that this book will sit well alongside all the other regimental histories, both old and new on the men of the Australian Light Horse.

Author's Note

Part 1 Gallipoli
1. A Beginning and Formation
2. The Voyage and Egypt
3. Pope's Hill and Quinn's Post
4. Walker's Ridge and No. 1 Outpost
5. Russell's Top and The Nek
6. Bomba Tepe - Hill 60
7. Rhododendron Rudge and Evacuation

Part 2 Desert Campaign
8. Syez to El Arish
9. Magdhaba to Rafa
10. Gaza
11. Beersheba to Huj
12. Jerusalem
13. Summer in the Valley
14. The Great Ride
Egypt to Fremantle

The Men - Photographic Gallery
Chapter Notes
Nominial Index

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Gallipoli to Tripoli: History of the 10th Light Horse Regiment AIF 1914-1919

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