Forgotten Men: The Australian Army Veterinary Corps 1909-1946

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 494 pages
Author: M. Tyquin
Year: 2011
ISBN: 9780980814088
Other: b&w photos, maps, appendixes, bibliog, index
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

Forgotten Men is the long overdue account of the significant contribution to the Australian Army of the Australian Army Veterinary Corps in two world wars. One of the army’s smallest and least recognised corps, its humble beginnings and quiet work in the background belie the crucial role of the Corps in supporting wartime operations and dealing with logistical issues never envisaged before 1915.

While their place in military history is often overlooked, the men of the Australian Veterinary Corps deserve recognition. Stoic and hardworking, they unselfishly worked among the horrors of war, to provide the support needed for army units and their animals.

While the Veterinary Corps reached its peak during the Great War, its role did not end when the guns fell silent in 1918. Instead, the Corps continued to support military activities across Australia until horsepower finally gave way to mechanisation in World War II. The Corps’ success in enabling the 1st Australian Imperial Force to fight in two theatres, each with its own peculiar veterinary problems,is an achievement worth recording.

In Forgotten Men, Michael Tyquin provides a full account of the Corps’ operation from inception to dissolution and shows the magnitude of their contribution to the combat effectiveness of the Australian Army from 1909 to 1946. Importantly, this book finally brings the achievements of the officers and men of the Australian Veterinary Corps out of the shadows.

List of Photographs, diagrams and illustratsions
Lists of maps, graphs, charts and tables
1. Antecedents and lessons learnt
2. Prelude to war - 1914
3. Getting down to it - 1915
4. Desert, dust and camels - 1916
5. France and Belgium - 1916
6. The Middle Eastern theatre - 1917
7. A hell for man and beast - 1917
8. Progress at last, Palestine and Syria - 1918
9. The Western Front - 1918
10. Interlude - 1919
11. Indifference and impoverishment - 1920 to 1938
12. Slipping quietly away 1939- to 1946
13. Epilogue - what could have been?
Appendix 1. Notes on Army formations and numbers
Appendix 2. Residential of AAVC members 1914 to 1918
Appendix 3. Civilian occupation of AAVC members 1914 to 1918
Appendix 4. AAVC Embarkation Roll, First World War
Appendix 5. Contents of veterinary officers wallet
Appendix 6. Contents of unit veterinary chest
Appendix 7. AAVC officers as at March 1916
Appendix 8. AAVC officers as at March 1917
Appendix 9. Wastage in horses during week 4 February 1918
Appendix 10. Veterinarians who jooined the AAVC between the two World Wars
Appendix 11. AAVC officers on the Active List in 1938
Appendix 12. Soctrinal Establishment of the Australian Army Veterinary Corps
Appendix 13. Distribution of AAVC vacancies across the commands - 1941
Glossary - Military
Glosaary - Veterinary
Metric Conversions

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Forgotten Men: The Australian Army Veterinary Corps 1909-1946


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