Emigrants From Hamburg to Australia 1871

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 109 pages
Author: E. Kopittke & R. Kopittke
Year: 2000
ISBN: 1876613076
Other: sketches
Publisher: Queensland Family History Society

This is one is a series of titles listing passengers from Hamburg to Australia and New Zealand. This book details (direct from the original Hamburg passenger lists), records of passengers departing from the port of Hamburg for Australia and New Zealand in 1871.

Vital details such as former place of residence, occupation and age are included for several thousand emigrants who sailed on seven ships bound for Australasian ports. Listed by ship, the passengers are indexed giving a reference as to which ship they came on.

For each ship, physical details are listed together with newspaper reports published on the arrival of the ship in Australia.

Includes introductory guide to use of the lists, notes on sailing vessels, German letters, occupations, a table of German place names, list of sources and bibliography.

Shakespeare (to Maryborough)
Friedeburg (to Brisbane)
Lammershagen (to Port Curtis)
Alfred (to Sydney)
John Bertram (to Brisbane)
Eugenie (to Hobart Town)
Herschel (to Maryborough and Brisbane)
Sources and Bibliography

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Emigrants From Hamburg to Australia 1871


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