Emigrants from Hamburg to Australasia 1850-1879 (USB)

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Media: USB flashdrive - 1 USB
Author: E. Kopittke & R. Kopittke
Year: 2017
ISBN: 1921171081
Publisher: Queensland Family History Society

Previously released on CD, this has now been rereleased on USB - perfect for those who have newer laptops that don't contain a CD-ROM drive. The Emigrants from Hamburg to Australasia is consolidation of the the full 21 book and microfiche editions into single index. 

It covers all available departure lists for ships from Hamburg to Australia and New Zealand during the period of 1850-1879, and information such as name, former place of residence, age, occupation, ship, destination and departure years are recorded for more than 40,000 emigrants. The index allows direct searching using QFHSdatasearch, on name, year and other details, with search results directly linked to the relevant pdf file of the original publications.

This is a unique research resource for the high proportion of Australians and New Zealanders with German ancestry and those with a more general interest in migration from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Italy and other European countries. Not only does it cover all the information from the original Hamburg listings, much of which is unavailable on corresponding arrival lists, but also includes, in the PDF files, information on the ship and reports extracted from contemporary newspapers. Many of the Hamburg lists are written in old German script, presenting special problems to researchers who are not conversant with the script or language, and each of the original publications represents countless hours of painstaking transcription and translation, checking and cross-checking names and places, and matching against other sources where available.

Powered by QFHSdatasearch, it is designed to search genealogy databases and developed has been developed by the Queensland Family History Society Inc. This version features field oriented and keyword searches, Boolean selection, sorting, wildcard searches and, when applicable, links between search results and images held in PDF files of the source records. QFHSdatasearch is included on the USB.

Windows 95 or later
256MB RAM (minimum)
10MB free disk space (150MB if installed in your hard drive)

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Emigrants from Hamburg to Australasia 1850-1879 (USB)

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