Digging Squatting and Pioneering Life in the Northern Territory of South Australia

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 368 pages
Author: D. Daly
Year: (1887) 1984
ISBN: 0859050688
Other: fold-out maps, appendix, index
Publisher: Hesperian Press

Originally published in 1887, this is a facsimile reprint of an early classic on the Northern Territory from the first settlement to 1887. A vivid description of life and events which shaped the destiny of the Northern Territory. Includes a map covering both South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Covering such varied topics as dressmaking on board the ship, shooting seagulls, first impressions of various places, the overland telegrapph, alligatiors, building the residency, the climate, growing fruit trees, pets, gold fever, gold-digging disappointments, sickness, a birthday party, brushes with the natives, murder, depression, the railway, visit of the Duke of Manchester, agricultural news, tobacco, young squatters ...and just son much more.

If you're wanting to REALLY know what life was like for the early pioneers in the 1870s-1880s in Northern Territory, then this is the book for you.

Chapter 1. Introductory
Chapter 2. 1870
Chapter 3. The Brisbane Visit
Chapter 4. At Sea, Torres Strait
Chapter 5. 1870, Port Darwin
Chapter 6. Camp Life
Chapter 7. Natives
Chapter 8. 1870
Chapter 9. Alligator and Snake Stories
Chapter 10. 1870-71
Chapter 11. 1871
Chapter 12. 1871
Chapter 13. 1871-72
Chapter 14. 1872
Chapter 15. Gold-Mining Life
Chapter 16. 1873
Chapter 17. 1873
Chapter 18. 1873
Chapter 19. 1873
Chapter 20. 1873-78
Chapter 21. 1879-83
Chapter 22. 1884
Chapter 23. 1885
Chapter 24. 1886-87
Chapter 25. 1886
Chapter 26. The Bushman's Chapter
Chapter 27. ConclusionIndex

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Digging Squatting and Pioneering Life in the Northern Territory of South Australia

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