Convicts and Exiles Transported From Ireland 1791-1820

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 68 pages
Author: J. Donohoe
Year: 2011
ISBN: 9780958754583
Other: 3rd ed., bibliog, index
Publisher: James Donohoe

This work was developed under the working title 'The Convicts Transported from Ireland 1791-1820'. However, the records revealed a terrible Irish tragedy. Too many arrivals in Australia were not convicts at all. Many of them were placed aboard ships and despatched for no greater purpose than to rid Ireland of its Patriots.

So to leave the title as just 'Convicts' would have been a fallacy let alone a serious injustice to the memory of those great people who went on to pioneer the Australian people and its nation.

This is an index of the 6666 Irish transported convicts and exiles and their ship of arrival to late 1820.

The Irish convicts and exiles deserved a monument to them which reveals who they really were but alas this book is not their memorial despite the best intention to make it one. At least in the name that these Irish patriots and heroes and heroines gave to the foreign authorities in dangerous times they are recorded and remembered two hundred years later. Australia owes so much to them for developing this country's families, community spirit and political direction.

The Editor
The Convicts and Exiles

2 Reviews
  • Convicts and Exiles Transported From Ireland 1791-1820

    Posted by Jenny Rogers on 15th Oct 2020

    Fast postage and lots of useful information in the book

  • Great Coverage of Convicts and Exiles from Ireland

    Posted by Jenny COOPER on 8th Mar 2018

    This book has helped me to break a part of the wall about my great great grandfather's arrival in Australia as all the information he grave his gran children was "that he greased his a.. and slipped out on a rainbow." As his was a common Irish name with at least five with the same name to come as either a convict or an exile the listing of names and when they arrived and on what ship has enabled me to find one likely person to follow up further. The information in the front of the 'book' was very helpful for further background information.

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Convicts and Exiles Transported From Ireland 1791-1820

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