Conquest and Settlement: the 21st Regiment (Royal North British Fusiliers) in Western Australia 1833-1840

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 344 pages
Author: G. Blackburn
Year: 1999
ISBN: 0859052540
Other: b&w & colour photos, maps, appendixes, bibliog
Publisher: Hesperian Press

This is not a military history in the usual sense. It is not dedicated to campaigns fought, won or lost. It is an attempt to chronicle the part played by the men and women of the 21st Regiment of Foot of the British Army in the early settlement of Western Australia. It sets out to explore the lives of these soldiers and their families.


Part 1: The 21st in Western Australia 1833-1840
1. Arrival of the 21st
2. Family Line
3. Military Outposts in Western Australia
- The Military Post at Port Augusta
- The Outpost at the Murray
- The Military Post at York
- The Military Post at Kelmscott (Canning)
- The Military Post at the Upper Swan
- The Military Post at Mahogany Creek
- The Military Post at King George's Sound
- The Road from Perth to King George's Sound
5. Conflict on the Swan Coastal Plan
- The Death of Private Denis Larkin 1834
- The Death of Private Hugh Nesbit 1834
- The Battle of Pinjarra - October 1834
- Raids at the Canning 1837
- The Spearing of Hokin and Cleulow 1837
- The Murder of Burtenshaw - Cox 1837
6. The Fight for the Avon Valley 1836-39
- The Death of Brivate Isaac Green - June 1836
- The Murder of William Knott - September 1836
- The Murder of Chidlow and Jones - July 1837
- The Native Attack on Waylen's Party - August 1837
- The Murder of Sarah Cook and her Infant Daughter - May 1839
7. Civil Disorder Amongst the Troops
8. Departure of the 21st
9. Aftermath at the Swan River Colony
- Trouble at king George's Sound
- The Struggle for the Vasse District 1849-41
10. The Regiment India

Part 2: Biographies of the Men of the 21st
11. Biographical Notes on the Soldiers that Died in the Swan River Colony Prior to the End of the Regiment's Term of Duty in WA
12. Biographical Notes on the Soldiers that were Discharged in the Swan River Colony
13. Biographical Notes of Soldiers who Left the Swan River Colony with the Regiment
- Soldiers that Married in the Swan River Colony
- Other Soldiers who Did Service in the Swan River Colony

Appendix 1: List of Guards from the 21st that Embarked on Prison Ships for New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land
Appendix 2: Roll of the Detachment Sent to the Swan River
Appendix 3: Portion of the Act of Parliament Dealing with the Selling of Items of Military Equipment by the Soldiers as Reprinted in the 'Perth Gazette' of 30th November 1833
Appendix 4: Colonial Secretary's Report Dated 21st July 1837, Dealing with the Aboriginal Insurrection
Appendix 5: Reports by George Smythe and George Fletcher Moore Relative to the Plot to Murder Chidlow and Jones
Appendix 6: Index of Regimental Pay Returns, War Office 12
Appendix 7: Nominal Roll of the 21st Regiment CA. 1833-1840

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Conquest and Settlement: the 21st Regiment (Royal North British Fusiliers) in Western Australia 1833-1840

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