Calvert's Golden West: Albert Frederick Calvert, a Biography and Bibliography

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 88 pages
Author: G. Blackburn
Year: 1997
ISBN: 0859052419
Other: b&w photos, sketches, maps, bibliog, appendix
Publisher: Hesperian Press

Albert Frederick Calvert claimed that he was born in Australia of an Australian born father. If this is correct, this would make him the only Australian born author to have been knighted by the Spanish Crown.

However, just as his grandfather John's birth and parentage was surrounded in controversy, so too, a century later is Albert Frederick's birth and parentage. John Calvert's birth circumstances and parentage were the subject of a weekly controversy which ran for four months in 1891, and occupied many pages of the prestigious mining paper the 'London Mining Journal'.

Despite all this, Albert Frederick Calvert was a man of some importance in West Australian colonial history, and his writings are his enduring legacy. He wrote and published prolifically on a wide range of topics, from gold mining in Western Australia to Aboriginals, to a book about the Bacon/Shakespeare controversy, to a book about daffodil growing ... and more.

This brief book is a first attempt at a biography and importantly a bibliography of a member of the Calvert family.

- The Voyage of the Scout: Exploration in the North West of Western Australia 1847
Albert Calvert: The Man
Western Australia
- Calvert as an Explorer
- The First Tour, April 1890 to January 1891
- The Second Tour, April 1891 to February 1892
- The Third Tour, December 1892 to May 1893
- The Fourth Tour, October 1895 to March 1896
- The Calvert Sciebtific Exploring Expedition, May 1896 to June 1897
- The Calvert Proposal for a National Art Gallery/Museum in Perth
- Calvert's Gold Mining Interests in Western Australia
- Coolgardie
- Pilbara - Marble Bar
South America - Brazil
German African Colonies
Later Life
The Importance of Calvert
Bibliographies of Albert C. Calvert
Appendix: Two 'Lives' of John Calvert

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Calvert's Golden West: Albert Frederick Calvert, a Biography and Bibliography

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