Bound for Australia

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 480 pages
Author: D. Hawkings
Year: 2012
ISBN: 9780752460185
Other: sketches, appendixes, bibliog, index
Publisher: The History Press

From the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788, to the end of transportation in 1868, a staggering 165,000 criminals were sent from Britain to Australia as punishment for a range of crimes.

In addition to those transported, hundreds of thousands of free persons emigrated from Britain and Ireland to Australia. Because of the vast distance involved, very few ever returned home, and the descendants of many of them continue to live in Australia.

Tracing those emigrating or transported ancestors may seem like a daunting task, with England's The National Archives holding over 100 miles of shelving of historical records. Now completely revised and expanded to include new research, 'Bound for Australia' is the essential guide to the records kept in Britain of those who were sent from there as punishment or who went to start a new life, and will be an invaluable tool for any family historian who discovers emigrating Australian relatives.

List of Abbreviations
Sequence of Documents to be searched to Trace a Transported Convict
1. The First Fleet to New South Wales
2. Criminal Registers, Calendars of Prisoners and Court Legal Proceedings
3. Forgers of Banknotes and Coins
4. Prison and Prison Hulk Records
5. Petitions By and On Behalf of Convicts
6. Convicts Who Were Not Transported
7. Convicts Transported from Canada to Van Diemen's Land
8. Crew Lists and Ships' Details
9. The Voyage to Australia
10. Guards Convict Transportation Ships, the New South Wales Corps and Other Army Regiments in ew South Wales
11. Military Convicts at Robben Island
12. Records of Officials, Early Settlers and Pardoned Convicts in New South Wales
13. Records of Convicts After their Arrival in the Colony
14. Free Passage for the Families of Convicts
15. Criminal Offences in the Colony
16. Norfolk Island
17. Police in New South Wales
18. Persons Returning to Britain
19. The Case Study of John Hawkins - Convicted of Sheep Stealing in 1804
20. Hatton Papers
Appendix 1. The Act of Parliament that Resulted in the Introduction of the Transportation of Convicts to New South Wales
Appendix 2. A Circular Recommending the British Public to Emigrate to New South Wales
Appendix 3. Regulations Regarding Applications for Pardons and Tickets of Leave, etc.
Appendix 4. Criminal Registers for the Transportation Period to Australia
Appendix 5. Calendars of Prisoners for the Transportation Period to Australia
Appendix 6. Prison Registers for the Transportation Period to Australia
Appendix 7. Prison Hulk Records Usually Listing the Names of Convicts
Appendix 8. Legal Proceedings: Records of Assize, Old Bailey Sessions, Palatine Courts and the Courts of Great Sessions of Wales
Appendix 9. Convict Petitions: Records Containing Petitions from Criminals and Their Families
Appendix 10. Home Office Warrants - Pardons and Reprieves, with Correspondence
Appendix 11. Sherrifs' Assize Vouchers, Sherrifs' Cravings, Sherrifs' Payments and Treasury
Appendix 12. Prison Hulks - Changes in Name
Appendix 13. Prison Hulks in Use in 1830
Appendix 14. Convict Transportation Records Arranged by Ship
Appendix 15. Records of Transported Convicts in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land
Appendix 16. The 1828 Census of New South Wales
Appendix 17. Settlers, Convicts, Guards and Ships' Companies Named on Transportation Ships for New South Wales 1803-16
Appendix 18. Miscellaneous Records of Convicts and Settlers from Colonial Office Correspondence Relating to Australia
Appendix 19. Ships' Correspondence, Shops' Logs, Surgeons' Journals and Medical Hospital Musters
Appendix 20. Ships' Crew Lists and Personal Details
Appendix 21. Ships' Details
Appendix 22. Hatton Papers
Index of Personal Names
Index of Place Names
Index of Prison Hulks and Ships

1 Review
  • Bound for Austrtalia

    Posted by Thomas Alford on 5th Oct 2022

    A Gold Mine of references. A must for any geneologist researching early Australian history.

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Bound for Australia

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