Born in 1961? What Else Happened?

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 184 pages
Author: R. Williams
Year: 2020
ISBN: 9780648771654
Other: 2nd ed.
Publisher: Boom Books

What happened in Australia back in 1961? Most people aren't likely to remember.

Ron Williams has created this series to record the events that made news in Australia year-by-year. Each volume in the series describes the happenings that affected people, real people, and is designed to make you remember and wonder at things you'd forgotten or didn't know about. They're also designed to get the older (and younger) generations talking about the past to rediscover heritage that otherwise would be forgotten. 

So what did make news in 1961? In 1961, the term New Australian was no longer politically correct. State governments still would not allow petrol vending machines. We all thought that Mrs Aeneas Gunn would never die, but she did. The Sydney University denied that its Philosophy Department was a centre for free love, and the Brits were talking about joining a Common Market with Britain. Ten Pin Bowling was laying ‘em in the lanes, people were up in arms over Russia resuming nuclear testing. American visitors thought that our public lavatories stank. 

Please note this book is filled with articles from the year, not photographs, 

Introduction to the Series
Menzies sales-tax backdown
White Australia policy
News from South Africa
Pin-ball menace to society
Buy Australian
The Bay of Pigs
Yuri Gargaran spaced out
Maybe we should pray a bit
Questions of colour
Insanity as grounds for divorce
Temperance in all things
Music maestro please
State funding, private schools
The woman's place is in ...?
Free love ... whacko
The common market
It's a zoo out there
Battle of the sexes
Nuclear bomb scares
Public lavatories
Mental health
Bikinis in the news
Aborigines in the news
High cost of dying
Summing up 1961

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Born in 1961? What Else Happened?


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