Born in 1955? What Else Happened?

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 160 pages
Author: R. Williams
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9780994601551
Publisher: Boom Books

Were you born in 1955? Do you know what else happened in Australia (or the world in that year? The Born In ... series is has been created to record the events that made news in Australia year-by-year. Each volume in the series describes the happenings that affected people, real people, and is designed to make you remember and wonder at things you'd forgotten or didn't know about. They're also designed to get the older (and younger) generations talking about the past to rediscover heritage that otherwise would be forgotten. 

So what did made news in 1955?  Be careful of the demon drink, get your brand new Salk injections, submit your design for the Sydney Opera house now, prime your gelignite for another Redex Trial, and stop your greyhounds from killing cats. Also Princess Margaret shocked the Church, Huxley shocked the Bishops, and our Sundays are far from shocking.

Preface to this Series
Oz on Holidays
The Price of False Teeth
The Evils of the Demon Drink
Age Pension: What's Changed
Hunter Valley Floods
Battery Hens
Food in Packets
Food and Drink
Nuclear Bomb Damage
Reaction to Salk
Killings Birds at Bathurst
Should Cenotaphs be Revered?
Designing the Opera House
Redex Trial
How Sacred are Sundays?
The Size of Cities
Greyhound Racing
Dressing for the Theatre
C or E and Princess Margaret
God and Julian Huxley
Summing up 1955

2 Reviews
  • sibling birthday

    Posted by Christine Ullrich on 30th Jun 2020

    Good information on the year of the book - a little further information on latter years

  • Excellent Gift!

    Posted by Marilyn on 29th Oct 2019

    Great light reading with interesting Australian facts for the Baby Boomer born in 1955. Well researched by the author, Ron Williams, with many amusing anecdotes and stories of unusual events to entertain and delight everyone. Highly recommended for any age.

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Born in 1955? What Else Happened?


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