Born in 1954? What Else Happened?

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 160 pages
Author: R. Williams
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9780994601537
Publisher: Boom Books

The Born In ... series is has been created to record the events that made news in Australia year-by-year. Each volume in the series describes the happenings that affected people, real people, and is designed to make you remember and wonder at things you'd forgotten or didn't know about in that year. They're also designed to get the older (and younger) generations talking about the past to rediscover heritage that otherwise would be forgotten. 

So what made news in 1954? Queen Elizabeth II was sent here victorious, Petrov was our very own spy - what a thrill. Boys were being sentenced to life. Johnny Ray cried all the way to the bank. Church halls were being used for dirty dancing. Open the pubs after six? Were they ever shut? A-bombs had scardies scared.

Preface to this Series
Ready for the Queen
Wool and wheat
The Queen steps ashore
Children in hospitals
Pubs open after six?
The Queen still touring
H-bombs and their fall-out
Our very own spy
Get rid of the means test
The heavy road toll
Dame Alice Chisholm
Life sentence for boys
The Petrov affair
Stopping rape?
Theatres open on Sundays?
Safety doors for trains
Sunday comics
Johnny Ray in person
Drink and be damned
Dirty dancing in church halls
The ubiquitous Dr Evatt
The Shirley Beiger Case
Christmas 1954
The end of the year

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Born in 1954? What Else Happened?


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