Biographical Register of South Australian Surveyors 1836 to 1936

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 240 pages
Author: A. Peake
Year: 2022
ISBN: 9780987311986
Other: b&w & colour photos. bibliog, appendixes, index
Publisher: Tudor Australia Press

Surveyors played a huge role in the history of South Australia, and this book not only contains details on their role in the State and history, but then provides biographical details of 460 South Australia surveyors from 1836 to 1936.

The 'Biographical Register' does not attempt to give comprehensive biographies of each of the 460 surveyors featured, but rather it aims to provide some basic information on birth and death, and the surveying achievements of surveyors who operated in South Australia. Much of the information has been obtained from South Australian Government publications, The Government Gazette and Parliamentary Papers, but the most significant source has been the register of 'Surveyors Field Note Books 1839+', Trove newspapers and some commercial websites.

While it is believed most surveyors who practiced in South Australia have been included, fleeting mention of perhaps another dozen have been seen, but it has not been possible to clearly identify them for inclusion.

Other sources include the journals of the Institute of Surveyors, nationally and South Australia. A number of descendants have also provided biographical detail and photographs.

During the period that George Goyder was Surveyor-General, he managed a large staff of surveyors, draftsmen, clerks and daily paid employees.

South Australia was responsible for the Northern Territory from the 1860s through to 1911, and during this early period considerable surveying activity was necessary, initially to establish Darwin and, subsequently to open up the Territory for development, and in 1870 to lay the Overland Telegraph. As a consequence, many of the surveyors served in both South Australia and the Northern Territory. 

Biographical Register
Appendix I: Chronology
Appendix II: Surveyors-General of South Australia
Place Name Index


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Biographical Register of South Australian Surveyors 1836 to 1936


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