Beginnings: The Story of the Beltana Boys

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 108 pages
Author: A. Aldous & R. Mansfield
Year: 2008
ISBN: 9780646492407
Other: b&w photos, appendixes
Publisher: Anthony Aldous

Lord Robert Stephenson Baden-Powell (1857-1941) was the founder of the worldwide scout organisation which celebrated its centenary in 2007. Baden-Powell became famous through the British Empire as the 'hero of Mafeking' when, in charge of a garrison of some 12000 men during the Boer War, he held out for 217 days, at times, up to 9000 Boers, until relief came. He used boys in the town as message carriers and for other duties, and found that they did this work efficient and enthusiastically. From this experience Baden-Powell developed his ideas for a scheme that would appeal to boys while teaching them to be good citizens.

This account outlines the origin and remarkable growth of the Scout Movement in its first few years based on the book Baden-Powell wrote called "Scouting for Boys". This book relates the beginning of scouting in Australia, especially South Australia. It also deals with the training of British scouts for farm work in the period before the First World War when youth migration for farm work began in Australia, and especially a group of scouts who migrated together on the "S.S. Beltana" in 1913 to South Australia for farm work.

On leaving their families, and communities and their scout troop these boys set out for an unknown world. Naturally on board ship they bonded together and were determined to keep together as a troop of Boy Scouts. This became possible only through correspondence. The fact that a collection of their letters were written has allowed this story to be written. Numerous photographs are included throughout.

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1. The beginning of the Scout Movement
2. Buckhurst Place Farm School
3. Migration from Britain
4. Child migration to Australia 1901-1913
5. The beginning of Scouting in Australia
6. Cooroy and the British Boy Scouts
7. Early patrols and troops 1909-1910
8. Riverton Scout camp December 1910
9. Scouting in South Australia grows
10. South Australia plans to bring Scouts as farm workers
11. The first Scout migrant party
12. Leaving England
13. On board of the Beltana
14. The arrival of thr Beltana
15. Three key contacts
16. Scoutmaster Haines
17. Howell becomes the contact for the troop
18. Letters to Howell
19. Tensions, unemployment, drought and war
20. Migration ends
21. War
22. After the war
23. Postscript
List of abbreviations and terms used


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Beginnings: The Story of the Beltana Boys

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