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Media: USB (583 pages)
Author: E. Ashmead-Bartlett
Year: (1917-20) 2023
ISBN: 9781921461507
Publisher: Archive Digital Books Australasia

Supplied on USB (previously only supplied on CD)

During and following the 1914-18 war a number of editions of "All-Australia Memorial" were published for three states - New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. As far as can be ascertained the Victorian edition was published in 1917, and New South Wales and South Australian editions in 1919 and 1920, with multiple variants for these states. To complicate things further some additional Victorian biographies and photos were included in some later editions principally publishing biographies from NSW and SA.

This Victorian edition is a wonderful record, with a detail historical outline of the war from an Australian perspective, plus an extensive reference section and hundreds of biographies. All complemented by thousands of photos, many of Victorians who served.

PART I - EXPLOITS OF THE ANZACS (historical account)
 - History of the Dardanelles Operations
 - I The Call to Arms
 - II The Smashing of the Emden
 - III In Training by the Pyramids
 - IV Naval Attack on the Dardanelles
 - V Military Expedition to Gallipoli
 - VI The Immortal Landing
 - VII Anzacs Win Fame at Krithia
 - VIII General Bridges Falls to Sniper' s Bullet
 - IX Death of. General. Bridges Avenged
 - X Submarine Warfare
 - XI Heroes of the "Southland"
 - XII The Soul of Anzac
 - XIII Preparing for the August Offensive
 - XIV Charge of the Light Horse
 - XV Heroes of Lone Pine
 - XVI Battle of Sari Bair
 - XVII -Suvla Bay Failure
 - XVIII Recall of Sir Ian Hamilton
 - XIX The Evacuation
 - Appendix I Strength of Expeditionary Force
 - Appendix II British, Australian and New Zealand
 - Appendix III The Dardanelles Commission-First
 - Seizure of Germany's Pacific Possessions
 - The Capture of Samoa
 - Loss of Submarine AE1- A Mystery of the Pacific
 - Australian Destroyers at Work
 - Victoria Cross Heroes - Deeds of Anzac Valour in Gallipoli
 - Awards for Service-List of Decorations Won 1914-1915
 - The Anzacs in France
 - The Anzac Crusaders
 - Australians at Home

 - A lexicographical roll of thousands of Victorian soldiers who died on service during the period August, 1914 - December, 1916

 - A biographical record of service and photos of hundreds of Australia's fighting men including individual soldiers, friends on service, and families with two or more members at the front

 - Comprising the principal Victorian units of the Australian-Imperial and Naval and Military Expeditionary Forces as officially compiled at embarkation, covering the period of the tropical, Egyptian and Gallipoli campaigns and including the 8th Infantry Brigade (French campaign). A record of approximately 30,000 Victorian men and some women.

To complete this digital edition there are two additional sections of with Victorian biographies and photos, taken from later editions principally publishing biographies from NSW and SA.
 - Pictorial Section 360 portraits of Victorians
 - Sydney & Melbourne biographies - well over 100

This is a fascinating and valuable record of the Great War and Victorian's who served - fully searchable on the entire text.

High quality scanned images of the original volumes, with Fastfind search and bookmarking for easy navigation. Pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed out if required.

Archive Digital Books Austrasia would welcome information from any reader of this edition about possible further Victorian variants in other editions.

1 Review
  • All Australia Memorial

    Posted by michael Weatherall on 21st Feb 2022

    Very helpful with research in our military medal business

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All-Australia Memorial: Victoria - USB

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