Adelaide's Public Transport: The First 180 Years (USB)

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Media: USB flash drive - 6400 pages
Author: T. Wilson, J. Radcliffe & C. Steele
Year: 2022
ISBN: 9781743058855
Other: b&w photos, maps, glossary, appendixes
Publisher: Wakefield Press

The beautiful city of Adelaide, capital of South Australia, with a population approaching 1.4 million spread over an area about 90 kilometres long and 50 kilometres wide, has a fascinating public transport history, with many similarities to, but also many differences from, other cities of a similar size. Despite being well planned in 1836 by surveyor Colonel William Light with many straight, wide roads, its good road network has presented many challenges for public transport in that it is very easy to drive a car anywhere during all but the relatively short peak periods.

It covers everything to do with what is now the Adelaide Metro Public Transport System, stretching outwards from Adelaide city to Gawler, Mount Barker, and Sellicks Beach, and spanning the years 1838 to 2018.  It includes the stories of horse buses, horse trams, electric trams, steam and diesel powered trains, railcars, electric trains, motor and trolley buses, and O-Bahn buses, together with the development of the routes they followed.
This work is enormous, containing 6400 pages of information,  and as such, has been published digitally due to its size and to keep it affordable. 
There are many thousands of photos along with maps and diagrams and other items, which will interest transport professionals and enthusiasts, but also local historians and others.
In summary, the work is divided as follows:

- Part 1: General History
60 chapters, approximately chronological.
- Part 2: Routes and Services, most treated in 'corridors', with 36 chapters commencing with the railways and Glenelg tram, followed by radial and associated tram and bus routes in a clockwise fashion around the city, then Inner Cross Suburban routes, then Special Events services, and a timeline of service changes. These chapters have maps which show the historical development of the routes in the chapter.
- Part 3: The Fleet and Depots - 5 chapters.
- Part 4: Miscellaneous matters, including fares and ticketing, statistics, administration, and museums and historical societies - 4 chapters.
- Part 5: Conclusion - Lessons learnt
- Appendices: Authors' biographies; Glossary; References and Abbreviations

Any computer using Adobe (Acrobat) Reader (this can be downloaded for free from if you don't have it)
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Adelaide's Public Transport: The First 180 Years (USB)

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