Aboriginal Perth: Bibbulmun Biographies and Legends

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 208 pages
Author: D. Bates & P. Bridge
Year: 1992
ISBN: 0859051358
Other: b&w photos
Publisher: Hesperian Press

Daisy Bates is a well-known voice for the plight of Australian Aborigines, particularly those in Western Australia. She was a prolific writer, and beginning from these popular accounts of Aboriginal living conditions which defended the white settlers, the reader can find in her writings a gradual evolution until her interests finally develop into an almost macabre fascination with what she interpreted as 'the death throes of the Aboriginal race.'

This collection of articles by Daisy Bates is derived from newspapers and magazines, or where the originals were not available, from typed copies held in the Battye and National Libraries. Published between 1907 and 1938 these represent most of her known popular writings on the Bibbulmun people of the South West of Western Australia.

Introduction and Acknowledgements
Notes and References
1. Aboriginal Perth
2. Bibbulmun History
3. Derelicts: The Passing of the Bibbulmun
4. Haunted Places of the West
5. Aboriginal Nomenclature
6. Babbin-gur: Native Friend-Making Custom
7. A Southern Corroboree
8. Serpent Cult of Aborigines
9. Father and Son: An Incident in Bibbulmun History
10. Some Southern Aborigines: Their Natural Characteristics
11. Perth's Aboriginal Millionares
12. Policeman Jubaitch
13. The Meeting of Races: Reminiscences of the Swan Natives
14. The Story of Ngoorangan
15. An Old Love Tragedy
16. Old Bubbulmun Tragedy
17. The Death and Burial of Beerungan
18. Winjans Pedigree
19. Fanny Balbuk-Yooreel: The Last Swan River (Female) Native
20. Balbuk, Last of the Perth Tribe
21. Dool's Love Quest
22. Woolberr: The Last of the B lack Swan Group
23. Was She 107?: Death of 'Nory Ann'
24. An Aboriginals Adventures: Ngilgee
25. The Adventures of Ngilguan
26. Ngilgee and Her Lover: An Aboriginal Coquette
27. The Story of Nyeerr'bijan: The Last Capel District Woman
28. The Romance of Joobytch and and Gootalan
29. Gootalan's Love Story
30. Monnop's Love Story
31. The Story of Banjil: A Tale of a Bibbulmun Motherhood
32. Poems of a Palaeolithic Man
33. A Bibbulmun Marathon: The Rise of a Totem
34. Bibbulmun Legends
35. The Tree of Souls: Legend of the Christmas Bush
36. Jitti-Jitti and Koobijet
37. Jitti-Jitti and Wej
38. Norn, Yaggin and Went
39. Walja and Manitch
40. Walij and Wordung
41. Borong-Gurup: The Home of the Totem Spirits
42. The Legend of the Firestick: How Fire Came to the Bibbulmun
43. The Heaven of the Bibbulmun
44. Aboriginal Astronomy
45. Legend of Dowingerup Water
46. Dingo Totemists
47. An Aboriginal Cricket Team
48. The Battle of Pinjarra

1 Review
  • Must have for those reseaching Aboriginal families in the South West of Western Australia

    Posted by Maureen Roberts on 2nd May 2018

    Great book for those researching Aboriginal families in Western Australia's South West, Daisy Bates has been meticulous in her account of individuals and their families documenting their daily lives and their interaction with others including both Aboriginals and Colonialist.WAs very helpful to me as a family historian to be able to document pre settlement names of ancestors for Aboriginal family trees that I am working on. Recommend it for those wanting to know more about their Aboriginal ancestors and for those undertaking research on Aboriginal history and customs .

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Aboriginal Perth: Bibbulmun Biographies and Legends

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