A Sketch of the Eliot Family

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (172 pages)
Author: W. Eliot
Year: (1877) 2009
Publisher: ScotPress

This is a history primarily dealing with the American branches of this extended family. The name itself has been spelled as those who bore it in this account have done, and therefore Eliot, Elliot, Eliott and Elliott all have been recorded as being "correct" for a particular family at a particular point in its evolution. The family took pride in its Norman French origin and pointed to the Norman conquest in 1066 as its first introduction to England and then on to Scotland. This branch, however, seems to be descended from a family settled in Somerset. Andrew Eliott, born in 1627, was in the colonies by 1670. Established in New England, the family was to be found in Salem, later in Boston, in New Hampshire and Massassacuetts. Indeed in many ways this is a history of a New England family of considerable distinction and ability. It primarily is a genealogical account of that extended line, with some historical information as well about its achievements in that region.

This CD consists of scans of the whole of the original book, which can be browsed, enlarged and printed if required. Please note: it is not searchable.

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A Sketch of the Eliot Family

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