A Joy Forever: The Story of Kings Park and Botanic Garden

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Media: paperback - 360 pages
Author: Dorothy Erickson
Year: 2009
ISBN: 9781876479152
Publisher: Botanic Gardens & Parks Authority

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Mt Eliza, the dominant landscape feature of what has become Kings Park and Botanic Garden, has always been a special place. To the Nyoongar people it was Mooro Katta - home hill. The European settlers who arrived in 1829 were quick to appreciate it and set the land aside for public purposes. At last. after! 890 when gold gave the colony financial and parliamentary independence, the park could be developed to become the major pleasure ground tor the people ot Perth. Tile combination of landscaped gardens with a large area of native bushland in the centre of a capital city is unique.

However it has not been created without drama. Lack of money hindered its early development while the dichotomy between landscaped areas and native bushland engendered debate and conflict. There have been disputes over the planting of native plants versus introduced species and later over a hospital or war memorial, space for a university, sports fields, roads, entertainment venues and even the Botanic Garden. On many occasions the public rallied against the board to save their park. In recent years the park has diversified and become an internationally respected research facility striving to preserve our native flora that it. like Kings Park and Botanic Garden, may remain a joy forever. 

This fascinating illustrated history will give the reader an insight into the story of this public icon so dear to many Western Australians, together with a deeper appreciation of its multiple functions.

Chapter 1: In the Beginning
Chapter 2: Colonial Times - 1829-1889
Chapter 3: In Control of Their Destiny — 1890-1897
Chapter 4: Grottoes, Paths and Pavilions - Daniel Feakes 1897-1904
Chapter 5: Horticulturalists - Sheath and Heath 1904-1938
Chapter 6: A Forester in Charge - John Watson 1939-1962
Chapter 7: A Botanical Garden - Dr John Beard 1961-1970
Chapter 8: Scientific Endeavour - Dr Paul Wycherley 1971-1992
Chapter 9: International Renown - Dr Stephen Hopper 1992-2004
Chapter 10: Horticultural Heritage - Mark Webb 2004-
Chapter 11: Recreation versus Conservation
Chapter 12: Flora and Fauna
Photography and Illustration Acknowledgements
Chronology - Timeline

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A Joy Forever: The Story of Kings Park and Botanic Garden

MSRP: $50.00
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