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Year: (1870, 1872 & 1926) 2024
Publisher: Gould Genealogy ebooks

Along with Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Cornwall retained much of its Celtic past well into the modern era. These studies of Cornish names explain and preserve the linguistic uniqueness of this region in southwestern England. This CD contains three separate books on the study of Cornish names:

  • Patronymica Cornu-Britannica; or, the Etymology of Cornish Surnames, By Richard Stephen Charnock, originally published 1870
  • A Glossary of Cornish Names, Ancient and Modern, Local, Family, Personal, &c: 20,000 Celtic and Other Names, Now or Formerly in Use in Cornwall, by the Rev. John Bannister, originally published 1872
  • Cornish Names: An Attempt to Explain Over 1600 Cornish Names, by T.F.G. Dexter, originally published 1926

Although the beginning of the 18th century saw the demise of Cornish as a spoken language, the names unique to the region remained, and these three studies give a wealth of information on those names, their origins and meanings. There is as well a brief survey of the history of the Cornish language and the essential of Cornish grammar. The whole is a valuable reference tool for anyone working in Cornish genealogy.

Scanned images of the whole of the original book, bookmarked for easy navigation. Pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed out if required.

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A Cornish Names Sourcebook - EBOOK

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