1913-14 Wright's Directory of the City of Nottingham and Neighbourhood - CD second

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD
Author: G. Todd
Year: (1911) 2004
ISBN: 9781845942793
Publisher: Archive CD Books GB

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This book, now on CD is a wonderful, and very readable history of Glasgow, covering a host of topics, from the very beginnings, the trades and traders, the Glasgow martyrs, the tobacco lords, the great inventors, the making of the Clyde, rise of industries, coal, iron and ships, stories of the streets, and much more.

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The Beginning of Glasgow
David, Prince of Cumbria
The Early Bishops
The Founding of Glasgow University
The Story of an Old House
A Famous Early Provost
The Trades and the Traders
A Race of Provosts
Cromwell in Glasgow
The Glasgow Martyrs
Claverhouse in Glasgow
The Beginnings of Trade
Glasgow and the Union of 1707
King William's Statue and the Young Chevalier
The Tobacco Lords
Merchant Princes and Manufacturers
The Great Inventors
The Making of the Clyde
Stories of the Streets
Professor John Anderson and the Technical College
The Rise of Industries
Coal, Iron, and Ships
The Great Sea Liners
Roads, Canals, and Railways
How they City is Governed
Govan and Greater Glasgow
Glasgow's Municipal Enterprises
The Schools of Glasgow
The Growth of Art
Glasgow Poets and Men of Letters
'Glasgow': Poem by Alexander Smith
Table of Glasgow Dates


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1913-14 Wright's Directory of the City of Nottingham and Neighbourhood - CD second

MSRP: $34.00
You save $22.00
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