The Workhouse Encyclopedia

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 480 pages
Author: P. Higginbotham
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9780750956710
Other: b&w photos, sketches, bibliog, index
Publisher: The History Press

This fascinating, fully illustrated volume is the definitive to every aspect of the workhouse and of the poor relief system in which it played a pivotal part.

Compiled by Peter Higginbotham, one of Britain's best-know experts on the subject, this A-Z cornucopia covers everything from the 1725 publication "An Account of Several Work-houses" to the South African Zulu admitted to Fulham Road Workhouse in 1880.

With hundreds of interesting anecdotes, plus priceless information for researchers - including workhouse locations throughout the British Isles, useful websites and archive repository details, maps, plans, original workhouse publications and an extensive bibliography - it will be a useful reference work for all with an interest in, or connections to the workhouse.

Timeline of Workhouse and Poor Law History
A to Z Encyclopedia
Appendix A. Poor Relief Statistics for England and Wales
Appendix B. Poor Relief Statistics for Ireland
Appendix C. Poor Relief Statistics for Scotland
Appendix D. Pre-1834 Workhouses in England and Wales
Appendix E. New Poor Law Institutions in England And Wales
Appendix F. Metropolitan Asylums Board 1869-1930
Appendix G. Post-1838 Poor Law Institutions in Ireland
Appendix H. Post-1845 Statutory Poorhouses in Scotland
Appendix I. Post-1845 Parish Houses in Scotland
Appendix J. Maps of Poor Law Unions in England and Wales
Appendix K. Maps of Poor Law Unions in Ireland
Appendix M. Poor Law Archive Repositories in the UK and Ireland
Appendix N. Places to Visit
Appendix O. Some Useful Websites
Appendix P. The Consolidated General Order, 1847

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The Workhouse Encyclopedia

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