The Hidden Thread: Huguenot Families in Australia

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 261 pages
Author: Ed. R. Nash
Year: 2009
ISBN: 9780980650907
Publisher: Huguenot Society of Australia

The Huguenots, the Protestants of France, have a long history of warfare, persecution and exile. Between 1550 and 1750 thousands of them fled France and went to any country which would allow them religious freedom and a chance to earn a living. Every country they settled in, profited from their hard work, ingenuity and sense of moral duty. 

Since 1788 many of their descendants have settled in Australia, including well-known names like Charles La Trobe (first governor of Victoria), photographer Harold Cazneaux and film-director Charles Chauvel. This, the first book ever published on the subject, looks at the Huguenot descendants of Australia and shows how much they have contributed in every way of life to our nation.

Background of the Huguenots
Coming to Australia
Families in each state
List of over 500 families
Eminent Huguenot Australians
Guide for Further Research

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The Hidden Thread: Huguenot Families in Australia


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