Register Personal Notices Volume 3: 1866-1870

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 416 pages
Author: A. Phillips & R. Butler
Year: 1991
ISBN: 0947284222
Publisher: Gould Books

The 'South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register' was the major South Australian newspaper from 1836. Personal notices from this paper, which became the 'South Australian Register' in June 1839, have been published and indexed in an important series of volumes. Each volume includes:

  • the entire text of all birth, marriage and death notices for the period covered
  • an index of ALL persons mentioned in the notices
  • an index of marriage celebrants
  • an index of place names - especially useful to local historians

In addition to the full text from the original notices this volume includes - 16,480 index headings to 35,712 index items - 16,603 places names, 1990 marriage celebrants, 17,119 names. The place index includes several thousand references to names and places in other Australian colonies and some 30 overseas countries - especially Britain and Ireland.

The information given complements that available from other sources. In addition to names and dates of persons being researched there are often details of the person's origins and relatives in other colonies and overseas - Britain, Ireland, Germany, India, New Zealand, Canada, U.S. and elsewhere. In some instances the death notices give extensive details about the person's life and achievements - and sometimes his/her vices! Shipboard births and deaths are sometimes recorded. Also included are notices from the Adelaide Observer which were not in the Register. The Observer was the weekly organ of the Register, and generally (but not always) reproduced personal notices from the Register

Register Personal Notices Volume 2 - 1860-1865 - 18,800 index headings to 38,842 index items - 18,997 place names, 2362 marriage celebrants, 17483 names.


3 Reviews
  • Register Personal Notices. Vol 3

    Posted by Betty Thomas on 28th Jan 2022

    Useful to a point, frustrating at the brevity of Birth Notices eg: To the wife of Mr such n such, a son. Interesting sentiments expressed in some Death Notices.

  • Vol lll

    Posted by Wayne on 5th Feb 2020

    As per my review for Vol ll but this Vol came with an amendment so another bonus covering 1866 to 1870
    In these Volumes I have found quite a few ancestors listed and it also takes a bit of strain off when one ventures into the TROVE site of digital newspapers (where I correct spelling so others can find people easier)
    Plus these Volumes are easy to scan through when the index is used.
    Great Value for $10.00

  • Register Personal Notices Vol.3

    Posted by Christine Jones on 22nd Feb 2018

    An excellent resource for genealogists and family historians covering family events for the period 1866-1870 in SA.

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Register Personal Notices Volume 3: 1866-1870

MSRP: $43.00
You save $33.00

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