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Quiet City: Walking in West Terrace Cemetery

Publisher: Wakefield Press

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Product Description

Media: BOOK - paperback, 450 pages
Author: C. Lefevre
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781743053874
Other: b&w photos, index
Publisher: Wakefield Press

"I do not think that I believe in ghosts, but just for this morning, just for the time it will take to ramble through this quiet city under clouds the colour of tin, or of pigeons' wings, I am going to believe in them."

Ordinary lives are revealed as extraordinary, as Carol Lefevre traces the stories of West Terrace Cemetery's little-known inhabitants: there is the tale of the man who fatally turned his back on a tiger, and the man who avoided one shipwreck only to perish in another; there is the story of the young woman who came home from a dance and drank belladonna, and those who died at the hands of one of South Australia's most notorious abortionists.

Said to be the most poetic place in Adelaide, in this heritage-listed burial ground the beginnings of the colony of South Australia are still within reach. Amid a sea of weather-bleached monuments, the excavated remains of Australia's oldest crematorium can be seen, and its quietest corner shelters the country's first dedicated military cemetery.

From archives, and headstones, the author recovers histories that time and weather threaten to obliterate. Quiet City is a book for everyone who has ever wandered through an old graveyard and wished its stones could speak.

A Poetic Place
1. Under Summer Skies
2. A Walk to the Wheelhouse
3. Above Stairs, and Below
4. A Walk Beyond the Pale and Back
5. Nature Walk No. 1
6. A Walk With Friends
7. Visiting a Victorian Novelist
8. Death by 'Striped Beauty'
9. Unhappy Women
10. Desperate Men, Desperate Measures
11. Ghost Walk
12. Nature Walk No. 2
13. Above the World so High
14. Night Walk
15. Darkness in Daylight
16. Love Measured in Marble, Grief Weighed in Granite
17. A Ramble in the Ringing World
18. The Little Knight
19. A Stroll to the Physic Garden
20. Depths of Emerald Green
21. In Deep Water
22. A Tour of the Stables
23. The Little Soldier
24. Remembrance Walk
25. A Last Ramble in the Quiet City
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