Queensland Baptist Publications 1881-1950 - USB

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Media: USB - (10,837 pages)
Year: (1881-1950) 2023
ISBN: 9781921494680
Publisher: Archive Digital Books Australasia

This value set includes all available issues from the two main series of Queensland Baptist publications.

Queensland Freeman and Queensland Baptist
The Queensland Baptist was the monthly newspaper of the Baptist Association
in Queensland. Each issue contains articles on issues of the day, topical articles, news from Baptist churches throughout the state of Queensland, missionary news, and inter-colonial news. They also often contain reports and statistics of different kinds, articles on different people, obituaries and articles on different Queensland churches as well as stories, poems, songs and letters. They even include adverts for local businesses. e.g. bookshops, dentists, confectioners, organ sellers, insurance, and clothing stores). Please note there was no 'Queensland Baptist' issued between 1914-1922, as a national Baptist magazine was issued. The 'Queensland Baptist' resumed again in 1923 when it was felt that the national magazine didn't cover enough of Queensland.

Queensland Baptist Year Books
These year books were produced by the Baptist Association in Queensland from 1907. Each issue contains directory information on the Baptist churches throughout Queensland which were part of the Association. A copy of the Baptist constitution, lists of committees and officers, presidents address, annual reports, general reports, accounts, Queensland Baptist College information, statistics and church notices are also included.

Fully searchable, with advanced fast searching, these books will be useful to church historians and to those with ancestors who were active in the Queensland Baptist churches.

This set is a great resource is useful for those with an interest in church history, as well as those whose ancestors who where involved with the Baptist churches of Queensland, or anyone with an interest in the social history of the state.

Includes the following products (also available separately on CD)
Queensland Freeman 1881-1888
Queensland Baptist 1890-1902
Queensland Baptist 1903-1913
Queensland Baptist 1923-1931
Queensland Baptist Year Books 1907-1920
Queensland Baptist Year Books 1921-1930
Queensland Baptist Year Books 1931-1940
Queensland Baptist Year Books 1941-1950


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Queensland Baptist Publications 1881-1950 - USB

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