Private publisher listing on the Gould website

What is a Private Publication?
This is a title that has been published by an individual or group, and normally not sold through resellers. Family histories, local histories and biographies often come into this category. 

There is usually a small number printed, and mostly the seller isn’t registered for GST, which makes it harder to get into retail stores.

NEW March 2023 - we will also accept publications (on the same basis) from general publishers or suppliers that we no longer wish to stock and sell ourselves.

How can we help you sell your title?
We can offer you a listing on our website, as if it were one of our products, but orders (and payment) are sent to you to fulfill directly. You may also post a notice about it on our Gould Facebook page (once a year).

How this helps you?
By listing it on our website, you have a better chance of it coming up in web searches. It will also be advertised in our email newsletter when first listed, and of course will be on our website for those searching or browsing. All orders are directed to yourself. You receive the full cost of the book, i.e. no trade discount or commission to us.

What is the cost?
This is in two parts (click the blue links for details):

What is required from you?
To list your product/s, we will need the following:

  • full title, and sub-title
  • author
  • number of pages
  • year published
  • description
  • contents listing
  • scan of the front cover in JPG or TIF format (150 dpi is fine)
  • price (inclusive of GST – if applicable)
  • postage rate you wish to charge for Australia and overseas
  • methods of payment accepted
  • address, email and/or phone number for orders or inquiries

Click here to see examples of private publisher listings

Who can I contact for more information?

Alan Phillips
Gould Genealogy & History
PO Box 119, St Agnes, SA 5097
(08) 8263 2055

Updated 17 March 2023

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