Past and Present Australian Life, Being for the Most Part Personal Reminiscences

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (223 pages)
Author: J. Zillmann
Year: (1889) 2009
ISBN: 9781742226521
Publisher: Archive Digital Books Australasia

Written in Exeter in 1889 by Rev J.H. L Zillmann, "one of the oldest free white born natives of Queensland, and the very oldest native Queenslander who has taken Holy Orders in the Church of England". He was born in 1841, the son of one of the German missionaries who arrived in the Nundah area in 1838, and was one-time Rector of St Paul's, Ipswich, Queensland.

The book is mostly personal reminiscences of Zillmann with stories of the first explorers, convicts, blacks, and bush-rangers of Australia and a short historical sketch of the colonies, their progress and present condition. Written following a series of public lectures in England, the book was compiled to provide English readers with a detailed description of life in the Australian colonies.

A friend had told Zillmann of the English that ...

"They know absolutely nothing about us", and he told the story of a well-educated lady he had met with in a railway carriage who, having heard that he was an Australian, exclaimed, "Oh, dear me, how well you speak English!" This happened not so long ago, but I could hardly have realised the extent of this ignorance about Australia had I not passed through precisely similar experiences since my arrival in England. The wonder of this is all the greater, considering that there is hardly a town in Australia where the near relatives of many English people are not living. But indeed I am not surprised at anything in the way of English ignorance of Australia since, when visiting a village in Derbyshire, I was told that the people there would be glad to hear about the colonies, as some young men from the village had lately gone out to Manitoba.

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Past and Present Australian Life, Being for the Most Part Personal Reminiscences

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