New South Wales Police Gazette 1916

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (706 pages)
Year: (1916) 2008
ISBN: 9781742220352
Publisher: Archive Digital Books Australasia

Police Gazettes are a unique, useful and extremely fascinating resource for local, family and social historians and researchers in other fields throughout Australia. Compiled to be distributed amongst the Police Force only, these Gazettes therefore contain details and information that can not be found anywhere else.

They include court lists, lists of warrants issued, appointments and changes in the Police Service, lists of Justices of the Peace, lists of arrests and discharges (which include descriptions), escaped prisoners, and missing persons, as well as lists for liquor, wine sellers, tobacco sellers, auctioneers, billiard and poisons licences. Notices from Police Gazettes from other states are also often included.

SAMPLE ENTRIES (from the 12 July 1916 issue):

Murder - £250 Reward
Whereas about 7.15 a.m. on the 5th April last, the dead body of a Greek named George Pappageorgi was found int he kitchen at the Allies Cafe, No. 635 George-street and a rope tied tightly around his neck: And whereas at an adjourned inquest held on the 6th ultimo, before the City Coroner, the following verdict was returned:- "I find that the said George Pappageorgi, at No. 635 George-street, Sydney, in the Distict, in the State of New South Wales, on the 5th day of April, 1916, died from injuries inflicted upon him by some person or persons to me unknown, at the same place, on the same day: And I further find that, in the manner aforesaid, the said person or persons to me unknown did feloniously and maliciously murder the said George Pappageorgi." Notice is hereby given that a reward of Two Hundred and Fifty Pounds (£250) will be paid by Government for such information as shall lead to the apprehension and conviction of the guilty person or persons. In addition to tohe above reward, His Excellency the Governor will be advised to extend a free pardon to any accomplice, not being the person who actually inflicted the said injuries and thereby caused death, who sally first give such required information. This reward to remain in force for three months only.

Prisoner Released on License
Tamworth.-A commitment warrant to serve the unexpired portion of the sentence of three years' hard labour imposed upon him at the Gunnedah Sessions on the 17th November, 1913, has been issued by the Tamworth Bench against Roland (or Rowland) Thompson, alias John Roberts, alias G.H. or John Smith, for committing a breach of the conditions of his release on license. Offender is 39 years of age, 5 feet 7 inches high, fresh complexion, black hair, blue eyes, nose crooked, right forefinger deformed, mole on right cheek, mole on back neck, scar on left knee; a labourer. Identical with discharged prisoner same name (vide Police Gazette, 1916, page 276, and Photo book No. 72, page 246). Not to be arrested after the 16th November, 1916. See also "Offenced, &c." this issue).

High quality scanned images of the whole years worth of issues. This CD has been bookmarked for easy navigation, and pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed out if required.

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New South Wales Police Gazette 1916


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