Memoirs of John Ker of Kersland

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (464 pages)
Year: (1726-27)
Publisher: ScotPress

The Revolution of 1688 established a Protestant king in England and Scotland, and an exiled, Roman Catholic king of England, Scotland and Ireland on the continent. For the next 100 years, those two rival courts challenged each other for control of the three kingdoms. John Ker of Kersland was from a well established Scottish house which long had influence in the border country between England and Scotland. Like many others in Scotland, he used the violent emotions generated by this rivalry both in Britain and abroad to craft a career as a schemer, informant, and provocateur, traveling throughout Europe to observe and to secure whatever advantage was possible for an adventurer on the “make”.

In his Memoirs, Ker offers a unique and detailed examination of the foreign policy and foreign adventurers of both the established government in London and the governments abroad, relative to the Jacobites and to Britain’s growing interests throughout the world. Naturally, it is a European world as seen and reported by a man seeking to justify his activities over almost 40 years of nefarious and duplicitous activity, but it provides insight into the workings of European governments over that entire period.

This CD consists of scans of the original book, which can be browsed, enlarged and printed if required. Please note: it is not searchable.

Any computer using Adobe (Acrobat) Reader 4 or later

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Memoirs of John Ker of Kersland

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