Meekatharra: End of the Earth

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 438 pages
Author: P. Heydon
Year: 1994
ISBN: 085905196X
Other: b&w photos, bibliog, indexes
Publisher: Hesperian Press

"Meekatharra: End of the Earth" celebrates the centenary of Meekatharra, and covers the period 1894 to 1994. It tells of the gold discoveries and the ups-and-downs of gold mining. Being the rail head for the vast hinterland to the north, and northwest, stories abound of transport by donkey, and camel teams; of the early motor vehicles, and the present road trains.

There are tales of champion horsemen, Gun shearers, and the many drovers who brought sheep and cattle down the lonely stock routes and many personal reminiscences of former residents.

Interspersed between chapters are numerous Australia bush poems written by former Meekatharra residents.

1. Back to the Mulga
2. Introduction
3. Gold at Meekatharra
4. 'The Meekatharra Miner'
5. The Prospectus
6. A Tale of the Meekatharra Track
7. Local Newspaper Stories 1909-1913
8. Local Newspaper Stories 1914-19181
9. Local Newspaper Stories 1919-1925
10. Local Newspaper Stories 1926-1930
11. Local Newspaper Stories 1931-1938
12. Local Newspaper Stories 1939-1947
13. Polo Shadows
14. The Railway
15. Around the White Horse Blow
16. Moloney's Boarding House
17. Sox
18. Brown and Hollingsworth - Eves and Co.
19. A Christmas Toast
20. The Post Office
21. The Meekatharra Hero
22. The Local Policeman
23. The Bush Geologist
24. The Schools
25. The Bogger Hits the Load
26. At the Hospital
27. The Soldier from Belele
28. Take the Train to Meekatharra
29. Snowy Rowles
30. Thirty Years Ago
31. Droving
32. The Road to Nullagaine
33. Champion Horsemen
34. The Camp Fire Pest
35. Gun Shearers
36. Our Town
37. Our Aboriginal Brothers and Sisters
38. Mining Magnate
39. The Stock Routes
40. Sweeney Done a Hand
41. Gold Stealing, Boxing and Cattle Rustling
42. Meekatharra, as I Remember - J.F. Butler
43. An Eccentric
44. Meekatharra Reminiscences - Thomas Ryan
45. The Caddys of Meekatharra
46. Daisy Campbell - Toby Metcalfe
47. Martin Bourgoin
48. Alice Campbell - Doreen Brown
49. Adrian and Jock Hardie
50. Tom Cocking - Jack Pitsikas
51. W.H. Brown and Co. - Aub Gale
52. Joe and Idie Lynch
53. A Reunion Barbecue
54. Charles Fisher - Magistrate
55. The Voronoff
56. Mining - 1993
57. One Hundred Years
58. List of Drovers and Cooks
59. Index of Names
60. Index of Photographs
61. Index of Mines
Dominion Mining Limited, a Recent History

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Meekatharra: End of the Earth


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