Handy Guide: British Isles Given Names Abbreviations and More (Set of 4)

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Media: SET OF BOOKLETS - 8 pages each
Author: C. Baxter
Year: 2019
Other: tables, bibliog
Publisher: Unlock the Past

Set of 4 handy guides for the price of 3.

Names are key to tracing our family history. Without a surname and a given name, we undoubtedly hit a brick wall. So it is vitally important that we decipher given name abbreviations, and recognise diminutives as well as judge the popularity or rarity of a name.

This series of Handy Guides comes as a set of 4, covering English, Irish Scottish and Welsh given names. Each guide is filled with tables which enable you to find the "very common" and "çommon" male and female names from around the 1700s through to the early 1900s. Each name lists spelling variants as well as diminutives and abbreviations.

These will prove incredibly useful not only when reading old documents or letters which have the names abbreviated, but also to give you clues on alternate spellings of names you could be looking for.

This set contains: (which can also be purchased separately)



1 Review
  • Given Names and Variations

    Posted by Ross on 17th Mar 2020

    I’m researching ancestors of either my late wife or myself from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. While the origin of names and the data on frequency of use of particular names in different time periods is interesting, I found the name spelling variations, the diminutives and the abbreviations most useful for my research. Online searching sites can not include all spelling variations for particular given names in their algorithms. This could result in useful matches being missed altogether. Trying name variants in searches can thus produce extra “hits”. I’ve also found that documents in old hand-writing, in wills for example, may include a diminutive or abbreviation of the given name of a spouse, child, sibling or friend that could subsequently help with further research for that family.

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Handy Guide: British Isles Given Names Abbreviations and More (Set of 4)

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