Genealogical Research Work Book

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Media: STATIONERY - paperback, 48 pages
Year: 2012
Publisher: Anne Trubshaw-Dow & Lynn Dillon

This work book is designed for you to take with you to the genealogy society or archives office ready for a day of research. No more pads of paper with the pages falling off - its all here in your Work book for you to record
your findings.

This book is designed to get rid of the clutter of paperwork, and keep it altogether in a single book. This work book contains 20 family group sheets, and 20 pages of notes, and an index page for you to fill in, so you can easily find the right page quickly. Each page is a full A4 size, so that gives you plenty of room to write.

So practically any piece of information that you happen to find in your research can be jotted down into this book. So no chance of you loosing bits of paper anymore with this - its all in the work book.

My Ancestors Work Book

6 Reviews
  • Genealogical research work book

    Posted by Debra Forbes on 18th Feb 2022

    Writing up my husband side so our boys will have a book filled with information and know both sides of their history.

  • Genealogical Research Book

    Posted by Gregory Sachs on 4th Nov 2020

    Plenty of space to write in but not sure how useful for complex families, e.g, divorce, remarry, more children and more complex families where cousins marry etc.

  • Organising your data

    Posted by Bettina Douglas on 25th May 2020

    I have been doing family history research intermittently for many years and have filled a number of note books. The experienced researchers who have prepared this workbook are sharing their experience and wisdom by providing structure and prompts for important items to record.
    I plan to go back and record some of my more random notes as well as use this format in the future.

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Genealogical Research Work Book

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