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File format: PDF file 22MB (432 pages)
Author: S. Baring-Gould
Year: (1910) 2024
Publisher: Gould Genealogy ebooks

Written by S. Baring-Gould, and publish in 1910, this reference work still provides invaluable information, not only for Scottish, but for English surname origins as well. It includes chapters on names derived from the castle and the manor, trade and place names, Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian names, the Roll of Battle Abbey, names of French origin, Scottish and Irish surnames, compounded names, and a wealth of other information pertaining to the meaning and origin of a vast majority of the names found in the British Isles.


I. Introductory

II. The tattoo and tribal name

III. Sire-names

IV. Totemism and names

V. The castle and the manor

VI. The village

VII. The town: trade-names

VIII. Place-names

IX. Anglo-Saxon names : Domesday

X. Scandinavian names: the “liber vitae”

XI The roll of Battle Abbey

XII. French names: I. Early

XIII. French names: II. The Huguenot refugees

XIV. Nick- and descriptive names

XV. Prefixes and suffixes

XVI. Name stories

XVII. The evolution and disintegration of surnames

XVIII. Scottish and Irish surnames

XIX. Changed names

XX. Compound names

Appendix to chapter IX. Anglo-Saxon and Danish names in Domesday

Appendix I. To chapter X. I Scandinavian names

Appendix II. To chapter XI. Surnames of the fifteenth

Century in the “liber vitae”

Appendix to chapter XI. List of those who attended William the Conqueror to England, according to the “Roman de rou”

Appendix to chapter XII. Huguenot immigrants’ subscriptions To a loyal address


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Family Names and Their Story - EBOOK

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